How to spend the first days of spring

Kako provesti prve dane proljeća

Spring has knocked on the door and we have to admit, we can hardly wait for it! Below is a list of everything we are looking forward to this spring, and we hope you make the most of it this year. With friends and family, good food, spending time in nature or watching your favorite TV series. Maybe you will find the ideal skincare routine or read a book from which you will learn something completely new. Whatever you decide, remember to truly enjoy each new day.

1. Assemble the fruit salad

Take advantage of the season and put together a fruit salad for the ultimate vitamin boost! Visit the nearby market, look at the offer and put together a big bowl of fruit salad from your favorite fruit. We really look forward to strawberries, but it can also be blueberries, nectarines, but always juicy apples. Our suggestion would be to season it with a little lemon juice and add mint, lavender or grated ginger. Experiment with new flavors this spring.

2. Plan a trip to nature

With the arrival of warmer weather and the long-awaited bright rays of the sun, the time has come for a short trip to nature. Near the city where you live, visit a nature park or a picnic spot that has always been on your wishlist. We can recommend the Kamačnik canyon, which is only an hour's drive from Zagreb. There you have the opportunity not only to take a walk, but also to try freshly baked trout. The relaxed atmosphere and easy trail for all ages is an ideal way to recharge your batteries. You can prepare in advance and organize a picnic with your loved ones. Protect the most sensitive parts of the body such as ears, nose and nostrils with factor 50 and remember to bring a small and practical Sun Stick , the ideal preparation for the first strong rays of the sun.

3. Prepare a bicycle or rollerblades

You don't like gyms, but you like to exercise? Take your bike or rollerblades out of storage, put together a playlist that lifts your mood, and go for a ride! If you have the chance, you can go to work by bike. Thus, you will not only exercise, breathe fresh air and strengthen your immunity, but you will also help reduce air pollution in big cities. An additional plus is that you will get back in shape faster.

4. Revise your skincare routine

Adapt your skincare routine to the new season and if you are not in the habit of applying and renewing SPF daily, then spring is your sign to introduce it into your morning routine. If you have dry, normal to mixed skin and you like light textures that give the skin a slight "glow", choose Professional fluid SPF 30 . If you have an oilier skin type and want a mattifying effect, then Professional cream SPF 50 is the right choice. Pay special attention to what your skin needs at this moment, then revise and, if necessary, reduce the use of oils that nourish the skin, and throughout the day, spray Hydro toner that quickly refreshes it.

5. Educate yourself about insects

Love them or avoid them, insects are a crucial part of our ecosystem. This spring, take the time to read a book that explains their structure in detail or watch a documentary that will help you see their beauty. Find out everything about how bees make honey and along the way sweeten yourself with a few teaspoons of this natural preparation. Honey is not only reserved for tea, add it to coffee and brighten up every spring morning. 

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