Vitamin Serum C+ and Vitamin Emulsion C+ have arrived

Stigli su Vitaminski serum C+ i Vitaminska emulzija C+

Innovation never stops at Olival. We follow the latest cosmetology findings, the development and availability of new ingredients, potential process improvements, possible applications of new technologies - all with the goal of progress. So even the moment when the product comes to the market is not the last time we dedicate ourselves to it. Exactly the opposite. For the last year and a half, we have devoted ourselves to the absolute star of skin care, vitamin C. The continuous search for a superior derivative of vitamin C that will offer even better stability and even more complete effects, the creation of an optimal synergy of active substances and the introduction of somewhat revolutionary ingredients have led us to the new Professional hope. We are proud to present Vitamin Serum C+ and Vitamin Emulsion C+ !

Vitamin serum C+

Vitamin C for even better stability and performance

The core of the new professionals is one of the most stable derivatives of vitamin C - ethylated ascorbic acid ( 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid ) . It is a derivative of vitamin C with a modified molecular structure. This specificity enables better protection of the molecule against oxidation. Ethylated ascorbic acid brings all the benefits of classic ascorbic acid with a less acidic pH required for activity, which also favors more sensitive skin types. In addition to significantly increased stability, it also has better availability and longer-lasting effectiveness.

How exactly does it work? Ethylated ascorbic acid inhibits tyrosinase activity and prevents melanin synthesis in the skin. This prevents the appearance and strengthening of the visibility of hyperpigmentation spots. It accelerates collagen synthesis, provides an anti-inflammatory effect, acts as an antioxidant and helps reduce the effect of external factors on the skin (especially UV radiation, which is why vitamin C is generally very desirable in the morning routine along with a sun protection product).

Classic synergy of vitamin C, ferulic acid and vitamin E

In addition to ethylated ascorbic acid, the backbone of serums and emulsions is made up of essential ferulic acid and vitamin E. In the formulation with vitamin C, they help preserve the stability and potency of this valuable ingredient, while at the same time providing the skin with exceptional benefits. Ferulic acid shows a valuable antioxidant property, and it is interesting that it is strengthened precisely by exposure to UV radiation. Therefore, it is also useful in products applied in the morning with SPF. On the other hand, due to its strong effect on free radicals, vitamin E belongs to the gold standard of cosmetics, which aims to act against premature signs of aging.

Vitamin emulsion C+

Professionals in + with innovative ingredients

What differentiates Vitamin Serum C+ and Vitamin Emulsion C+ are the ingredients beyond this key active trio. Thus Vitamin Serum C+ also contains troxerutin, ectoin and hyaluronic acid. Vitamin Emulsion C+ brings a cocktail of ingredients such as camu camu extract and ceramide complex. Let's get to know them better!

Troxerutin is a bioflavonoid that exhibits exceptional anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing effects on the skin. It stimulates microcirculation and skin renewal, relieves redness and supports the resistance of capillaries in the skin. No less important, it also enhances the absorption of vitamin C in the skin.

Ectoine is a type of amino acid that provides the skin with different but very valuable properties. Namely, ectoin primarily excellently supports the hydration of the skin and strengthens it. Studies have shown that ectoine has a proven preventive effect against the effects of skin photoaging caused by UVA radiation. It protects, soothes and strengthens its natural resistance, which is why this type of care is perfect for people with skin prone to irritation.

Camu camu extract ( Myrciaria Dubia Fruit Extract ) is an extract obtained from fruit that grows in the Amazon rainforest. It is known for its extremely strong, bioavailable vitamin C content, as well as other minerals, sugar, amino acids and fruit acids. Camu camu in the diet serves as an extremely valuable supplement in the form of bioavailable vitamin C, which is easily absorbed by the body. That is why it is often added to morning smoothies and drinks. In skin care, it helps alleviate the effects of stress, especially blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines and a generally tired, lifeless complexion. It contributes to the strong effect of strengthening collagen synthesis and skin regeneration, which affects firmness, elasticity, tone and luminosity.

The ceramide complex contains bioidentical ceramides and their precursors. They correct damage to the hydrolipid barrier of the skin ( stratum corneum ), stimulate the synthesis of skin lipids and stimulate the natural property of self-regulation of hydration levels , which leads to stronger and more resistant skin.

How to choose your C+

Vitamin Serum C+ will replace the current Vitamin Serum C on the market. Its texture is similar to its predecessor, with improved performance. It also has a transparent, relatively viscous texture based on hyaluronic acid gel. It has a slight yellow reflection that comes from the ingredients themselves, especially troxerutin (originally bright yellow). It does not contain added fragrances or dyes. It is suitable for all skin types, but it will best suit mixed to oily and dehydrated skin that prefers water-based products . Due to the hyaluronic acid in the composition, this serum must be applied to clean and well-moisturized skin, say with a Hydro Toner and then locked in with a cream/SPF.

Vitamin Emulsion C+ is a serum emulsion with a light milky texture. Slightly creamy, very lubricating and fast-absorbing, the emulsion is suitable for all skin types, but we would recommend it mostly for normal to dry, especially mature skin . It is also an excellent choice for skin that doesn't like hyaluronic acid or if you already use a serum with this ingredient in your routine. The color of the product, due to camu camu extract, which is a natural ingredient, has a slight yellow-orange reflection. It does not contain added fragrances or dyes, and can be applied to both clean dry and moisturized skin. It is ideal to use with cream/SPF.

Professional SPF

Make room in your morning routine

From the technical side, there is no obstacle to using serum and emulsion in evening care. However, vitamin C in combination with ferulic acid and vitamin E has an extremely antioxidant effect, that is, it reduces the negative effects of external stressors such as solar radiation and smog. Vitamin C's ability to act as a photoprotector with sun protection also contributes to the reduction of oxidative stress, which it actually complements with its antioxidant properties. [1] Because of all the above, it is very useful to apply vitamin C in the morning before your favorite SPF product, such as Professional Face Fluid SPF 30 or Face Cream SPF 50 .


[1] Darr, D. Dunston, S. Faust, H. Pinnell, S. Effectiveness of antioxidants (vitamin C and E) with and without sunscreens as topical photoprotectants. accessed 7/8/2022.


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