Treat the skin with hydration with Professional set 4H and Hydro tonic

Počasti kožu hidratacijom uz Professional set 4H i Hidro tonik

Hyaluron Hydrator 4H quickly became a favorite product for skin rehydration. Due to the exceptional concentration of ingredients that attract water, it is good to apply it to a damp face. In order for the skin to be as well prepared as possible for the hydrator, we designed a Hydro Toner and packed them together in a Professional set 4H , which also contains gua sha, a stone for facial massage!

Moisturizes, restores, protects the skin

Hydro Toner is a gentle product with a liquid and transparent texture and a slightly yellowish color that comes from natural extracts. The toner is pH optimized so that it "follows" the naturally slightly acidic pH of the skin. It is ideal as the first step of care after cleansing the face, and before moisturizing serums, creams and/or oils. It suits the skin extremely well after exfoliation and before applying serums rich in hyaluronic acid. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, and with a long- lasting powerful combination of ingredients that jointly hydrate, restore the softness of the skin and prepare it for serum care .

Professional set 4H - interior

 First of all, it is beta-glucan. This polysaccharide (complex sugar) acts as a humectant, which means that it attracts water and thus hydrates the skin. It is often present as a dietary supplement to strengthen immunity, since it stimulates our body's ability to defend against pathogens, while it has multiple properties on the skin. In addition to helping to restore the necessary moisture, it has a positive effect on mitigating cellular damage, has a restorative and soothing effect and protects the hydrolipidic barrier from all environmental stressors to which the skin is exposed on a daily basis. [1]

Extract of mullein, betaine, allantoin, aloe vera...

In addition to beta-glucan, Hidro Toner also contains other nourishing ingredients such as Globularia alypum leaf extract. A specific evergreen perennial, also known as the bushy gorse, comes from the plantain family, and it is interesting that it grows all over the Mediterranean, including in Croatia. This extract was chosen both because of its origin and because of its effect. The word Globularia refers to the round flower of an interesting bluish color, which is why this plant is also called "blue daisy", and alypum in translation means "soothe pain". The extract of the leaves of this plant has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in polyphenols, it soothes irritated, reactive and sensitive skin, and studies show that it provides both a natural antibacterial and exceptional antioxidant effect. [2] This extract, like aloe vera extract, is responsible for the slightly yellow color of the tonic.

Professional set 4H - products

Hydro Toner also contains the well-known trio of moisturizers – betaine, allantoin and glycerin, as well as phytic acid. This acid is part of the AHA group of acids, and is obtained from legumes, rice and seeds. It acts as a mild keratolytic on the skin, but this tonic does not have an exfoliating property, but instead acts as a chelator and helps soften the impact of hard tap water on the skin.

From routine to ritual with facial massage

In addition to the already well-known Hyaluron Hydrator 4H and Hydro Toner, which is exclusively available in the set, the Professional set 4H also comes with a gift - a gua sha stone for facial massage. Made from real rose quartz, which makes each stone unique in its color and texture, gua sha is an ideal addition to your morning or evening skincare routine. In addition to the fact that the massage itself has an extremely relaxing effect on the facial muscles (especially in the jaw area, which is often tense), this home treatment will contribute to strengthening circulation, reducing puffiness and a generally fresher appearance of the complexion .


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