SUPER Coco brings non-greasy textures and innovative ingredients for accelerated tanning

SUPER Coco donosi nemasne teksture i inovativne sastojke za ubrzano tamnjenje

Just before summer, we launched the new SUPER Coco collection, which brings a real little revolution when it comes to accelerated tanning. It includes three key products to achieve the best possible care, hydration and refreshment with an accompanying beautiful tan. Textures are also new. A completely non-greasy finish on the skin without greasy traces, but also the shine of the shimmer will enrich the season ahead.

SUPER Coco sorbet for accelerated tanning

Creamy pleasure with glitter

SUPER Coco sorbet for accelerated tanning is a unique product that combines hydration and stimulation of accelerated tanning in one step. The sorbet contains natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, aloe vera and vitamin E that intensively nourish the skin and protect it from drying out. Its light texture is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft and smooth without feeling heavy. The white color of the sorbet, enriched with a fine white shimmer, resembles the inside of a shell, and leaves the skin shiny and nourished. It has a pleasant coconut scent that contributes to the summer atmosphere.

The main active ingredient for accelerated tanning is the innovative BRONZ'ALG®. It is a patented combination of the brown algae Bifurcaria bifurcata with the amino acid acetyl-tyrosine.

This compound works synergistically to stimulate melanin synthesis, while providing natural antioxidant support against UV radiation (does not replace dedicated products for UVA and UVB protection). It has a prolonged effect of stimulating accelerated tanning, since it works even after exposure to the sun.

SUPER Coco jelly for accelerated tanning

Jelly texture and a puff of refreshing mist

Innovative BRONZ'ALG® is also found in SUPER Coco jelly for accelerated tanning. The completely non-greasy gel formula also promotes an even tan on the body's skin. It is enriched with aloe vera and glycerin, so it hydrates and nourishes without feeling greasy or heavy. SUPER Coco jelly has a light, non-sticky texture when applied and a blue color reminiscent of sea waves. It also has a creamy coconut scent that all summer lovers will adore.

SUPER Coco refreshing mist for face and body

SUPER Coco refreshing mist for face and body will be a real hit and indispensable in the summer knitted bag, mainly because it provides instant refreshment and hydration. The spray pump provides a nice subtle puff for refreshment during hot summer days. It contains panthenol to stimulate renewal and glycerin for additional hydration, and the formulation is alcohol-free. It can be used from the teenage years.

The new SUPER Coco collection from Olival is a continuation of the cult SUPER Carrot collection and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for and preferring lighter textures and moisturizing care with a wonderful coconut scent.

THE PRODUCTS DO NOT CONTAIN UV PROTECTION. Before prolonged exposure to the sun, it is recommended to apply sun protection milk or oil. Avoid exposure to the sun between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. It is intended for people who already have foundation and are not sensitive to the sun. Not for children and fair skinned people. Avoid excessive sun exposure even if you use a sunscreen product. Excessive sunbathing seriously endangers health.

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