SUPER Carrot jam and oils are the answer to the question of how to tan quickly

SUPER Mrkva pekmezi i ulja odgovor su na pitanje kako brzo potamniti

You don't have to spend days and days in the sun for a glowing bronze complexion and beautiful skin. You will get permanent color even faster this summer with the new SUPER Carrot products from Olival!

Beta carotene for a sun-kissed complexion

Just as we need a period of adaptation to longer days and short sleeves, our skin also goes through adaptation to the sun. Beta carotene helps her best in this. The organic pigment obtained from carrot roots, responsible for its beautiful orange color, is a powerful antioxidant. It fights against photo damage caused by exposure to the sun , and at the same time accelerates the tanning process. Before summer, warmer days and vacations, it is advisable to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables rich in beta carotene as possible. Namely, the body converts it into a usable form of vitamin A, strengthens the production of melanin and thus prepares the skin "from the inside" for sunbathing and catching color. Skin, on the other hand, you can also prepare it "from outside" , and products with beta carotene, such as SUPER Carrot jams and oils, will help you in this.


Olive, walnut, cocoa butter...

Beta carotene, as a provitamin of vitamin A, is fat-soluble, so it is absorbed extremely well compatible with high value, cold pressed oils . The formulation of the SUPER Carrot product line is derived from a proven recipe with natural oils that promotes rapid tanning and deeply cares for the skin. The beta carotene in the composition is responsible for giving its you can achieve a tanned complexion with really minimal exposure to the sun , protecting the skin from drying out and thus premature aging. The two new versions of jam and oil for super fast tanning are extremely rich in nutrients, extra virgin olive oil already well known to Olival lovers. In addition to it, there is walnut oil obtained by maceration of dry green husks full of minerals necessary for the body, such as iron, potassium and zinc. One of a kind "sugar at the end" brings a special cocoa butter which is also used in the production of chocolate in Croatia, and which makes the products even more nutritious and incredibly fragrant.

SUPER Carrot oil

4 products for a long, tanned summer

In the Olival range, two new SUPER Carrot jams and two oils for super fast tanning are available. Jam without UV protection is enriched with beta carotene, which gives it a natural orange-yellow color and contains no additional pigment. Jam with a protection factor of 10 has a slightly tinted texture, a moderately protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays . Dry oil for super fast tanning is ideal for all those who want a product that is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy residue. It also comes in variants enriched with golden shimmer which additionally emphasizes a tanned, sun-kissed complexion and gives a subtle glow.

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