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Pink Quartz Gua Sha Stone for Face Massage

Pink Quartz Gua Sha Stone for Face Massage

Gua Sha Stone made of pink quartz is intended for a relaxing facial massage. When applied, it helps stimulate blood circulation, promotes a healthier complexion and provides a relaxing effect.

Note: Gua Sha Stone is made of rose quartz, a prized semi-precious stone. Due to the specificity and originality of the natural material itself, the texture of the stone and the color intensity of each individual stone may vary.

The dimensions of the stone are about 8.0 x 5.0 x 0.5 cm, and it is also available as part of the Professional Set 4H . Gua Sha Stone as a separate product comes packaged in a cardboard box with a Professional label, along with a detailed description and instructions for use.

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• relaxes the skin and mind
• promotes blood circulation and metabolism
• supports better tone and firmness of the skin in the long term

Key Ingredients

ROSE QUARTZ is a natural semi-precious stone traditionally used in making beauty tools. It can be transparent, partially transparent and opaque.
It is interesting that rose quartz has the property of photosensitivity and its color can lighten.

How to use

Start with the massage from the shoulders to the neck and face, and first apply your favorite serum, cream or oil. Gently pull the gua sha stone with a hollow from the shoulder towards the neck. When you get to the area behind the ear, massage in circular motions in place.

Using the same motions of indentation in the stone, cross the edges from the middle of the chin to the cheeks, then from the nose to the temples. Massage the highest points again in place.

Turn the stone over and gently pull the straight edge from the root of the nose to the scalp, in the middle and on each side. If desired, apply the rest of the care. Wash the gua sha in lukewarm water and store it for future use. For a cooling effect, cool the stone in the refrigerator before the massage.


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