Why micellar solution should be a part of daily routine

Zašto bi micelarna otopina trebala biti dio svakodnevne rutine

If you want to have a healthy complexion and well-groomed facial skin, you need to include something more than washing with water in your daily cleaning routine. The best way to thoroughly remove all impurities is definitely a micellar solution, which will give you a flawless and healthy complexion in the double cleansing technique.

A micellar solution that has been a favorite for over 100 years

Maybe you don't notice, but during the day, even if you spend it indoors at home, particles of dirt "stick" to your face, which can harm the complexion and the health of the facial skin. If this is the case, you will be best convinced when, at the end of the day, you pass a pad soaked in facial cleanser over your face. Regardless of the fact that you didn't wear make-up, that you didn't go anywhere, the forehead will be greyish-brown from dirt.

This is precisely why it is necessary to remove these layers of dirt every day so that they do not accumulate in the pores, clog them and cause you inconvenience. It is therefore best to soak your face with a micellar solution every day.

Although micellar solutions became very popular a few years ago, their power was discovered as early as 1913 in France . Namely, at that time one of the biggest problems for skin care and cleaning was caused by hard water. It reduced the effect of soaps and detergents.

All this development of the micellar solution. Its main ingredients are micelles , that is, molecular aggregates that "dislike" water at one end and fat at the other. Due to the fact that they are not completely dissolved in water, micelles attract grease and impurities very well . This is precisely why micellar solutions are the favorite preparations in the cosmetics industry.

Choose a micellar solution according to the needs of your facial skin

While the beauty cabinets in almost every bathroom are stocked with different toners, wet wipes, and similar facial cleansing products, the fact is that once you try a micellar solution, you'll have a hard time living without it.

Micellar solutions irritate the skin less than other products intended for cleaning the face. In addition, there is usually no alcohol in their composition, they do not dry out the skin, and on the other hand, they are strong enough to remove all impurities. Micellar solutions can be used as makeup removers, facial cleansers or moisturizers .

When it comes to choosing a micellar solution, it is best to choose them according to the needs of the facial skin. Some are intended for oily and combination skin, while others are good for all skin types. Be sure to choose a micellar solution that is rich in natural ingredients that will additionally nourish your skin.

In order to give your face the best possible care, "amplify" the use of the micellar solution by double cleansing your face .

Double cleansing for a flawless complexion

Thanks to the double cleansing of the face, you will remove two types of impurities from the skin. The first type are oil-based impurities , i.e. make-up and sebum, and the second type are water-based impurities - bacteria, dead skin cells and the like.

When it comes to the order of application of cosmetics, it is best to use the one that removes make-up first, followed by the cosmetic that removes dead skin cells and make-up residues. Therefore, it would be best to use the micellar solution first, and then the product for the second cleaning step - washing , depending on the skin type.

The micellar solution 2in1 Smilje is strong enough to remove even waterproof makeup , and at the same time gentle enough to refresh the skin and restore its softness. After cleaning your face with it, wash your face with Smilje micellar gel or Smilje micellar foam, which are additionally enriched with aloe vera .

This method of facial cleansing is recommended to be done in the evening because you certainly do not want to start your beauty sleep with any remnants of impurities on your face.

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