Differences between natural, organic and vegan cosmetics

Razlike između prirodne, organske i veganske kozmetike

Along with the increasing level of awareness about the preservation of nature and health, the need for cosmetics that are as gentle as possible to the environment and to the skin is also growing.

The first, pioneering steps towards the production of natural and organic cosmetics for care were made precisely on the soil of Europe, and its popularity began in the early sixties of the last century . With progress in terms of ecology, sustainability, education and, ultimately, the choices we make every day, it's no surprise that we strive for natural and organic products more and more often.

Natural and organic are not the same

With the awakening of awareness about the importance of adopting new standards and principles in the production of cosmetics, the need to regulate the terms itself arose. The independent and non-profit organization The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association devoted itself to this and precisely defined the terms, setting before manufacturers a complex but clear path to the valued NATRUE certificate.

Thus, cosmetics are divided into exclusively natural, natural products with an organic component, and organic products. While the term "natural" refers to the ingredients used in the production of cosmetics in their original state, "organic" refers to the cultivation of raw materials , which must be as natural as possible (without pesticides, harmful chemicals, etc.) and, ultimately, strictly regulated.

Extra moisturizing cream Smilje

NATRUE also present in Croatia

All manufacturers who decide to make cosmetics according to these rules must also adhere to the 75% rule. With it, they guarantee that at least as many of their products in a particular collection are made according to the following NATRUE standards:

  • only natural ingredients of organic origin, ingredients derived from plant sources and bioidentical ingredients (minerals and pigments) are allowed
  • ingredients of synthetic or artificial origin are excluded
  • water is excluded in order not to artificially "pump" the percentage of natural ingredients in the formulations
  • sustainability in production, use of recyclable packaging, long-term commitment to the organization's criteria, raising awareness of "greenwashing" are encouraged

These standards have been adopted by hundreds of global manufacturers, including Olival, as the first company in Croatia and the region to be certified with the NATRUE certificate.

Simplicity without cruelty

While NATRUE promotes the authenticity, purity of raw materials and the simplicity of product formulations, more and more manufacturers are turning to using ingredients that are cruelty-free and vegan. They may overlap, but they are distinct in their own right.

The term "cruelty-free" refers to products, that is, cosmetics that have not been tested on animals, while vegan products contain ingredients of exclusively plant origin. The entire range of Olival products for face, body and skin care complies with cruelty-free principles. More than 2/3 of the assortment is based exclusively on ingredients of plant origin.

Smilje collection

This collection includes 14 certified natural products that proudly bear the NATRUE label, and among them are products of plant origin. There are Smilje micellar solution, Smilje micellar gel and Smilje micellar foam for (double) cleansing of the face , as well as Smilje active peeling and Smilje active mask and Smilje extra moisturizing cream. In addition to this collection, liquid hand soaps are also certified.

Collection Professional

If you have not yet started your care with vitamins, antioxidants and other active substances, and you are looking for products without animal ingredients, try Vitamin Serum B3, Vitamin Serum C+, Hyaluron Hydrator 4H, Peptide Serum P, Vitamin Serum R², Vitamin Serum RA or powerful care oil faces from the collection Professional - Omega elixir.

#MALCI collection

#MALCI collection

The entire collection of natural cosmetics for the care of children's and youth's skin and hair is entirely of plant origin. Shampoo and conditioner #KUPANAC, shower gel and bath #TUŠIRANAC, universal cream #MALAC, body milk #MAZANAC and hair detangling spray #RAŠČEŠLJANAC are products that contain only quality, nourishing and harmless ingredients, and will suit all generations.

Dedicated gels and creams

If you need special care for the skin or certain parts of the body, and at the same time you want products of exclusively plant origin, you can rely on dedicated gels. Aloe vera gel, Arnika gel, Calendula cream, Ice gel, Horse balm, Horse balm HOT, Turmeric gel and others solve various conditions, from burnt and dried skin to lower back pain.

Natural shampoos

Shampoos and hair oils

Both lines of shampoo and oil are also of plant origin. You can choose between the treatment Čičak shampoo and the natural lemon and rosemary, mint and lavender or sensitive shampoo. For hair care and natural packages, there are Argan oil for skin, hair and nails, Avocado oil for hair, Burdock oil and others.

All plant-based products can be viewed in the Vegan category.

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