Omega fatty acids in skin care

Omega masne kiseline u njezi kože

Oil of avocado, chia seeds, blackberry seeds, evening primrose, squalane. No, these oils will not help you in the kitchen, but thanks to them you will give your skin deep care. It's well known that omega fatty acids help you from the inside, but here's how they help you from the outside, too.

Omega fatty acids protect and nourish the skin

Today, almost everyone knows that omega fatty acids are good for the body's health. However, omega fatty acids can bring a lot of good to your skin, especially in the cold winter months.

Namely, essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids play an important role in the creation of lipids in the skin that protect you from UV radiation, harmful external influences such as cold, wind and the like. In addition, thanks to omega fatty acids, your skin will be deeply nourished , and it will alleviate numerous irritations on the skin, as well as its dryness.

They reduce the signs of photoaging

Various inflammatory processes, reduction of elasticity and loss of skin firmness are just some of the conditions that can slow down and reduce omega fatty acids. They also help with psoriasis, acne and similar inflammatory skin conditions.

In addition, omega fatty acids can be of great benefit to you in reducing the signs of the so-called photoaging . Namely, while it is impossible to stop biological aging, photoaging is still possible. It happens due to excessive exposure to UV radiation, which causes skin tissue damage and a decrease in its elasticity. There are also the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles and the like. All of this can be reduced and alleviated with omega fatty acids.

Therefore, here are some of the omega fatty acids that you will be very happy to accept as part of your beauty routine.

omega fatty acids

Squalane is also rich in omega fatty acids

One of the most popular and nutritionally rich oils used in cosmetics is certainly avocado oil . It is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C, D and E. Thanks to it, the skin gets the necessary moisture , and in addition, avocado oil has a revitalizing effect on the skin. Avocado oil is also excellent in combination with other nourishing oils.

When it comes to treating scars, dryness and cracked skin , chia seed oil can help a lot. It is rich in vitamin B and zinc, which is why it has a beneficial effect on the regulation of sebum secretion and the appearance of irregularities.

In the care of dehydrated, damaged and sensitive skin prone to irregularities, blackberry seed oil and evening primrose oil will prove to be excellent. The mixture of all the mentioned oils is found in the Professional Omega elixir . However, another powerful ingredient hidden in the Professional Omega elixir is squalane.

Squalane is a delicate oily texture obtained by derivation from cold-pressed olive oil . It is known for being absorbed extremely quickly and is non-comedogenic (does not cause acne and pimples, does not clog pores). This is why every skin type loves it , and it has a similar structure to squalene, that is, a component of the natural fat of human skin. And squalane is rich in essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and with regular use it helps the skin restore and retain much-needed moisture , especially in the cold winter months.

omega elixir

The elixir will "lock in" the moisture

A good combination of omega fatty acids, which Professional Omega elixir can be proud of, successfully smooths the complexion, strengthens the skin structure , and also acts as an antioxidant. Professional Omega elixir is recommended for use in evening care or generally at the end of the care routine .

Professional Omega Elixir can be used independently during the day and easily fits into any routine. However, during the winter months , it is recommended to use it in the following sequence: serum-cream-elixir .

So, apply one of the Professional serums on the cleansed face, and then the cream. After the cream, apply the Professional Omega elixir, taking minimal breaks between steps . In this way, the products will be better absorbed into the skin, and the loss of moisture will be prevented. In addition, Professional Omega elixir will enable better and faster absorption of the applied serum and cream.
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