After-sun care: how to nourish the skin and maintain color

Njega nakon sunčanja: Kako nahraniti kožu i održati boju

There is a lot of talk about the steps before tanning, so you must have done them correctly. You have chosen high-quality oils and creams, applied them at least half an hour before exposure to the sun, and renewed the product layer several more times on the beach. Now is the time to dedicate yourself to care after sunbathing!

Clean the skin deeply

What do we dream about after hours of sunbathing? About the refreshing and purifying shower, of course. Ok, and a slice of watermelon! Let the first step of care after sunbathing last as long as it suits you, but it would not be bad if you stick to the recommendations. First of all, shower in cooler water. In addition to promoting better blood circulation in your body, with a cold stream of water, you will also be able to preserve your newly acquired tan more easily.

On the other hand, cosmetics for sun protection are very thick and are used abundantly, so despite the quality ingredients, they can clog pores and cause various irregularities. Make sure you use mild but effective shower gels that are preferably free of drying surfactants such as SLS. A glove made of natural materials will also come in handy, with which you can gently massage the skin and "free" it from the somewhat heavier texture of sun protection products.

Be regular (and gentle) with exfoliation

Even with such a glove, you can perform a lighter body exfoliation, but at least once a week, devote a little more time and attention to this item. Be sure to choose a product that will not dry out the skin, but clean it with the help of natural particles and feed it with nutrients . Avoid those that, instead of perfect smoothness and a pleasant smell , leave behind a feeling of tightness. When exfoliating, be gentle but thorough. Start from the heels and legs and "raise" the circular movements towards the upper part of the body. That way, you will be sure that you haven't missed anything, and along the way, you'll also increase circulation.


Hydrate yourself from all sides

There is no doubt that we constantly try to apply this important rule, but it still happens that we simply forget about it. In order to be beautiful, healthy, firm and elastic, the skin needs water. Moreover, it needs a lot of water, inside and out, especially after being in the sun. Products containing nourishing oils will most quickly restore moisture to really dry skin and nourish all its layers. If you want a quick and fast-absorbing dose of the necessary hydration, reach for SunSOS lotion after sunbathing. Of course, don't forget about water and food rich in beta carotene (carrots, sweet potatoes, melons and mangoes).

Soothe burns with aloe vera

If you have already "properly" burned in your life, you have literally learned on your own why sun protection is necessary. And if that not-so-pleasant experience happens to you this season, don't panic. Gentle Olival gel enriched with soothing aloe vera will gently cool sunburned skin, reduce peeling, redness and stimulate its regeneration . Be sure to allow the skin to rest and renew itself, so take a break from the beach for a few days. Do not engage in cosmetic treatments and do not use products containing acids.

Do not forget about sensitive parts

The skin of the body will be richly nourished with an oil emulsion, and the skin of the face will be refreshed with a moisturizing mask, serum and cream. However, it is possible that you will neglect your ears, lips, toes, cuticles. In order to avoid peeling and unpleasant dryness, take care of the hydration of these parts as well. 

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