How to take care of hands and nails (to preserve the youthful appearance of the skin)

Kako njegovati ruke i nokte

We work and communicate with their help. We create with our hands, but we also show love. First of all, we expose them to various conditions and influences . That is why it is not surprising that they often show the first signs of aging. Fortunately, everything is in your hands. Literally, because proper care and concern will significantly slow down aging.

Washing hands is one of the first activities we learn in childhood. In addition to cleaning from visible impurities, in less than a minute of washing, we also wash away millions of potential causes of numerous diseases. Given that we wash our hands up to twenty times a day, what we use is very important. You may find solid soaps more practical, but we advise you to prefer liquid, non-drying ones. On drugstore shelves, you can easily find pH-neutral, oil-enriched soaps that will not damage the skin's natural protective barrier.

If you are somewhere where access to water is limited in places, take disinfectant wipes or a product intended for sensitive skin with you. And don't forget, nourished hands are more resistant to the possibility of infections, so caress them often to prevent the skin from cracking. For that, choose customized hand creams.

Always have the cream on hand

From preparing food and washing dishes to taking care of the youngest and personal hygiene, there are numerous situations in the home in which we expose our hands to water, for a short or long time. In addition, there is now even more frequent hand washing and disinfection with various products. Sometimes it's hard to remember how to rub your hands, which is why it's good to strategically place the cream next to the sink or on the edge of the sink. When it's close at hand, you're more likely to reach for it more often.

Protect them with gloves

Prevention is the key to the health of the whole organism, even when it comes to your hands. This is why disposable gloves are part of the "mandatory" equipment when going to the store or pharmacy these days. However, we assure you that using disposable versions in the household will help you many times. In addition to protecting the skin from the absorption of various chemical compounds from, for example, cleaning agents, you will prevent drying out and preserve the well-groomed appearance of hands and nails. In addition to gloves, soothing products such as Propilis Balm will also prevent irritation.

Adjust the care to the situation

As with the skin of the face, it is not uncommon for the needs of the skin of the hands to change with the change of seasons and habits. You can especially feel it on your skin in winter, when your hands are exposed to cold, wind and slightly drying products. Therefore, introduce an additional hand care step into your routine, the night one. With products such as Concentrate for Hand and Nail with Calendula, you provide your hands with a nourishing nightly care ritual and actually complement the action of the cream you use every day. Due to the thick, rich texture, it will stay longer in the layers of the skin and gradually absorb during the night, leaving the hands soft and nourished.

Take care of your nails and cuticles

Nails are often a reflection of fashion expression, but don't forget that they are primarily a mirror of health. Due to the rapid growth of the nail, the cuticle or the skin at the root of the nail can easily crack. Apart from being aesthetically unattractive, cuticles pave the way for unpleasant and painful nail infections. Before the layers of colorful varnishes, it is good to pay special attention to them.

Do not cut the cuticle, but push it towards the nail root with a specially designed nail and cuticle care pencil. Then feed your fingertips with extremely rich and regenerative Argan oil. It will stimulate the renewal of cracked cuticles, but also strengthen fragile nails.

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