The hydrolipid barrier and how to preserve it

Hidrolipidna barijera i kako je očuvati

Big changes in temperature, UV rays, scratches and blows, various diseases, any external influences would have very harmful consequences for our body if it were not for the skin. The skin, and especially the part of it called the hydrolipidic barrier , are on the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the body , and that's why it's important to know how to properly protect it.

"Tuck" your skin into the right products

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and as such performs many functions that are very important for overall health. The skin acts as an insulator because it regulates body temperature, maintains the balance of body fluids , and also helps us on a psychological level. Thus, when the skin is healthy and cared for, everyone feels better, more beautiful and more confident.

In order to know how to properly protect and care for the skin, you need to know exactly what and why you are protecting. Namely, the skin is an organ that is constantly changing . You can see it yourself: the skin darkens, peels, gets fat and changes depending on external factors such as changes in seasons, temperature. It changes even due to exposure to stress, due to diet, hormonal picture and the like.

In winter, the skin tends to dry out more and that's why it requires "greater" care. Simply, just as you snuggle up in sweaters, coats and thick jackets during the winter, the skin should also be "tucked up" in products that will properly and well protect it from the cold .

The hydrolipidic barrier protects the skin flora

In addition to being a dynamic organ, the skin is also a very complex organ . It consists of several layers, and each of them consists of several sub-layers. During the winter, that is, when the skin is exposed to wind, low temperatures, and even a lack of sun, the top layer of the skin - the stratum corneum - suffers the most.

More precisely, the emulsion of water and lipids , that is, the fat that covers this layer, suffers the most. This emulsion is called a hydrolipidic barrier , and it is crucial for the recovery of the stratum corneum when it is damaged.

This means that the hydrolipidic barrier is responsible for "setting" the natural, slightly acidic pH that is optimal for skin health. Quite simply, the hydrolipidic barrier favors the softness of your skin, its suppleness and, finally, its good appearance .

The hydrolipidic barrier is what we see first on the skin. When the hydrolipidic barrier is damaged, in addition to having a bad effect on the psychological level, it will actually open a passage for harmful external influences to penetrate deep into the skin . This, in turn, can have much more disastrous consequences in the form of inflammatory changes, skin irregularities, allergies and dehydration . That is why it is important to preserve this surface layer even during the winter.

Also, when the hydrolipidic barrier is damaged, the skin can "move" into the category of sensitive , and without proper care it can remain so.

A preserved hydrolipidic barrier is a kind of prerequisite for any introduction or use of "advanced" active substances and products such as chemical peels. When they are overdone, the first step is to return to basic care rich in humectants (water, i.e. moisture, examples are hyaluronic acid and glycerin) and emollients (oils, butters, etc.), which will recover and re-balance the hydrolipidic barrier and the skin itself.

It should be changed in winter

In order to preserve the hydrolipidic barrier, special attention should be paid to cleaning and washing the skin of the face as gently as possible. Therefore, products without alcohol should be chosen, and special preference should be given to nourishing ingredients such as glycerin and aloe vera.

Double cleansing with Smilje micellar solution and Smilje micellar gel or foam will not "remove" the entire protective layer from the skin, but will gently clean it and prepare it for the rest of the care.

Lipids are a very important part of this protective layer. Thanks to them, not only is the skin soft and elastic, but water is retained in its deeper layers. Thus, the skin remains deeply hydrated, and thus – healthy.

During the winter, creams with a "heavier" structure will contribute more to the health of the skin than "lighter" ones. In addition, more than usual, in winter it is good to add a few extra steps to your daily routine.

The Smilje nourishing mask can help you with that much-needed additional care. Namely, it deeply moisturizes the skin and awakens its healthy glow. Supplementing the hydrolipidic barrier will also be provided by Smilje's extra rich cream , which is recommended for night care, but for extremely dry skin, it is also a good choice for day care. Therefore, it is perfect for restoring and protecting the first line of defense - the hydrolipidic barrier.

Simply, just as diet, clothing and the like change, skin care changes in winter . When you include winter skin care in your routine, you will notice the difference very quickly. For the better, of course.

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