Find out how to tan SUPER fast (even in the shade)

Doznaj kako SUPER brzo potamniti (i u hladu)

If you work diligently to achieve a sun-kissed complexion every season, we have good news. With these products you can be tanned even before the official arrival of summer!

Carrot for beautiful color, walnut for preventing wrinkles

Have you heard about the amazing properties of carrots? An otherwise completely common food, carrots are actually a real treasure trove of vitamins A, C and E. Its power lies in its antioxidant effect, which preserves the youth and vitality of our largest organ, the skin. But carrots are absolutely fantastic at something else – promoting tanning. Concentrated carrot oil is rich in beta carotene, which "colors" the skin inside and out. Because of this, it acquires beautiful bronze shades much faster, more evenly and stronger.

On the other hand, walnut oil is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and has an anti-inflammatory and nourishing effect. This is why it is highly valued in the prevention of skin aging, as well as various chronic dermatological conditions.

Jams combine the best of both oils

The whole range of powerful properties and benefits of natural oils has been translated into a unique product with an unusual, somewhat sticky, but fantastically pleasant and soft texture. The rest is history! Jams for faster tanning have conquered all lovers of sun-tanned skin - from those who tan very quickly to those who need the whole summer to get a shade.

In addition to nutritious carrot and walnut oils, Olival SunTané jams also contain other nutritionally rich and important ingredients such as high-quality olive oil, sesame and cocoa butter.

The first jam with a protective factor

SunTané jams can be found in two versions , classic and with protection factor 10+. It is also the first jam on the market that contains protection against the sun's rays. Whichever version you choose, you will treat your skin to an incredibly rich, nourishing and nourishing treat, literally!

Try also "liquid" jams

If you may not like the texture of jam, and this summer you are wearing bright colored swimwear, you will enjoy a faster tan with Super Carrot dry oil . Although they have the same superior composition, these oils are absorbed extremely quickly. They develop a beautiful bronze complexion, while making the complexion silky, soft and smooth. And what's summer without a little gold particles? They found their place of honor precisely in the Super Mrkva golden oil for faster tanning, with the aim of subtly highlighting and additionally emphasizing your shiny, sun-kissed skin.

SUPER Carrot jam and oil should be used with adequate protection from the sun, i.e. a high protection factor. First, it is necessary to apply SPF, in a sufficient, abundant amount, and after absorption (within ten minutes), products for faster tanning. SPF needs to be renewed every 2 hours or after every bath and wiping with a towel.

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