What is a face toner for and why is it good to include it in the routine

Čemu služi tonik za lice i zašto ga je dobro uvrstiti u rutinu

There is a lot of talk about proper, double cleansing of the face, and high-quality hydration has long been adopted in the care routine - of course, regardless of skin type. However, the step between cleansing and conditioning where the toner is still skipped, even though it has several important functions.

It additionally cleans from the smallest impurities

After removing the make-up and washing, it is quite certain that all the remains of mascara, lipstick and liquid foundation have been removed from the face. However, small particles visible only with the microscopic "eye" are most often still present. By applying serum and cream, fine dust and sebum residues, instead of being removed, remain trapped on the surface. In the long term, this leads to strain on the pores of the skin, and indirectly it certainly interferes with the absorption of active substances from the preparation . A few light strokes with a pad or cloth soaked in tonic (or a clean palm with tonic) will soothe the skin after cleaning, pick up residual impurities and thus "round off" the entire cleaning.

Balances the pH of the skin after cleansing

Even if you use mild products to clean your face that will not damage the health of the hydrolipidic barrier , the pH on the surface changes when it comes into contact with ordinary tap water. Namely, the pH of the skin naturally tends towards mild acidity, which favors the natural flora and protects against free radicals, while the water is neutral to slightly alkaline (alkaline ). Disturbed pH can lead to changes in the microbiome of the skin, the appearance of irregularities and the like, which is why it is important to bring it back into balance as soon as possible. Facial tonics are usually formulated precisely in such a way as to favor a slight lowering of the pH value, and at the same time, due to their other properties, they represent the first step of care.

Soothes and (deeply) hydrates

Enriched with nourishing ingredients such as glycerin, aloe vera and plant extracts, the tonic is a multifunctional product suitable for all skin types. It relieves redness, refreshes the skin, restores much-needed moisture, and depending on the extracts present, has a targeted effect on other needs as well . The Smilja refreshing tonic thus contains a combination of immortelle essential oil, grape seed extract, vitamin E and aloe vera, which provide hydration and have a mild astringent effect. However, in addition to gently narrowing the pores, which at the same time prevents the accumulation of particles and excessive greasing, the mentioned ingredients synergistically and long-term preserve the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.

The secret of hyaluronan is hidden in the tonic

The use of tonic has never been more important than now, when care routines are dominated by serums based on hyaluronic acid, such as those from the Professional collection . Namely, it may have already happened to you that you have chosen your serum, but after using it you feel more and more dehydrated, almost as if you are missing something. And that's right, because you're missing tonic! More precisely, Hydro tonic .

Hyaluron is loved by the skin precisely because it is a humectant, which means that it attracts and binds water to the surface of its molecules. If this water is not introduced into the routine along with it, hyaluronic will do the exact opposite instead of hydration and - extract moisture from the deeper layers of the skin. Before application, it is therefore crucial to clean the face well, tone it and, while it is still damp, apply serum and cream (and, if necessary, oil such as Omega Elixir ). Additional nourishing, occlusive layers will create a protective shell that will prevent the leakage of moisture, at the same time strengthening the hydration potential of the hyaluronan itself.

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