Essential winter skin and hair care cosmetics

Nezaobilazna kozmetika za zimsku njegu kože i kose

A winter care regimen doesn't have to be complicated or expensive! Multifunctional products and cosmetics with a richer texture will save you both money and time, so if you haven't already, stock up on natural preparations and enjoy your winter routine.

Nourishing products for the body

Anointing the body with lotions, milk and creams while the temperatures are low, we admit, is not particularly tempting. However, skipping body care quickly leads to almost chronic dryness, chapping, loss of natural moisture and healthy glow. If you are not a fan of daily "rubbing", you will especially like Magic Dry Oil . Care rich in wild rose and macadamia oil is sufficient to apply only a few times a week, in a thin layer. Nutrient ingredients are absorbed into all layers of the skin, you get rid of tightening instantly, and the feeling of skin nourishment will last for several days.

Dedicated serum care

We could say that each skin has its own unique character, and expresses it through its needs. Some, like good hydration, are universal for every skin type, but some still fall into the "special needs" category. Fortunately, such skin is not difficult to care for either. It is important that you organize your routine well, respond to the needs of your skin in time and, of course, choose cosmetics according to your skin type and condition. Dedicated serums prove to be ideal here, as they respond to exactly specific skin needs, such as deep, stronger hydration or solving hyperpigmentation. The order of product application is also important. Let your serum be an (intermediate) step after cleansing your face and before applying the cream.


Olival Hemp oil

A reliable face cream

Cheeks beaten by the wind, minuses and dry heated air will, sooner or later, express their dissatisfaction with irritation in the form of peeling, itching and redness, broken capillaries. How to help them? With good, you won't go wrong with a quality and nourishing cream . Make sure you choose one that doesn't have a lot of alcohol in its composition, and owes its nutritious texture to natural ones cold pressed oils . Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, oils such as sesame oil, apricot kernel oil and immortelle oil mitigate the impact of external factors, act antibacterially, improve elasticity and protect the skin from premature aging.

Greases for especially dry parts

In addition to not being the most beautiful appearance, rough heels, knees and elbows can certainly be a nuisance. The advantage of the mentioned rich care in the form of an oil emulsion is that it will solve the dryness of the skin without any problems, but the more "persistent" dryness of the mentioned parts should be approached with even more specific care. Natural fats are ideal for this, with a thicker texture, more stable and more concentrated products that create a protective layer on dried, cracked and damaged skin. It is extremely good to apply them preventively , as protection against wind and cold, on the lips, the area around the nose, the folds of the hands. You can already conclude for yourself - these kinds of fats are very profitable due to their multifunctionality.


Olival Coconut castor oil

Oils for skin and hair

Natural fats are a salvation for every type of skin, but also for damaged, split, lifeless hair. It is good to invest some time in hair (and scalp) care. Whenever you manage to catch a break from your duties, and you are at home, prepare an oil pack for your hair . The beauty of this home treatment is that you can choose which oils to use or even combine, and how long the treatment itself will take. Apply the oil evenly to your hair, comb it, massage it and cover your head with a scarf or towel. The longer you keep it, the better, and don't forget the oils when caring for your neck, nails, cuticles and hair ends after washing.

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