5 ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes and insects

5 načina kako se zaštititi od komaraca i insekata

There are various stories, experiences and oral traditions focused on the topic of defense against mosquitoes and other insects with which we share space in the summer, whether we like it or not. We have collected all the proven tips in one place, and read them below!

1. Avoid activities at dawn or dusk

It is common knowledge that mosquitoes, as well as other insects, are most active in the first and last moments of the day. They say that the smarter always gives in, so it's not out of place to plan your activities during the rest of the already long summer day. In addition, it is good to pay attention to the places where you stay with your family. Try to remove all standing water from gutters, flower pots, small and large containers, even old tires that you have only temporarily placed in your yard.

2. Wear light colored clothes

Mosquitoes, precisely because of the lack of light in the early morning and late afternoon, are attracted to darker colors that match the color of those periods. Wear clothes made of thicker linen or cotton in white or one of the lighter pastel colors. If you are out in nature, try to cover as much skin as possible with your clothes , and protect your feet with adequate shoes and longer socks, even leggings.

It is not a bad idea to protect the windows and doors with nets, and if you have a newborn or small children at home, it is definitely advisable to cover the cradle or cribs with special protective and at the same time breathable canopies.

3. Always think ahead

If you travel, for example, to warmer regions, go camping in the forest or to an open-air spa, you probably already count on the appearance of mosquitoes and other insects. But when it comes to summer, sometimes it's good to be ready even for a one-minute trip to the nearby store or a walk in the park.

It is important that you plan your activities and equip yourself with protective preparations that you can use on your skin, but also on the skin of your youngest household members. Definitely avoid repellents that are based on chemically complex formulations because they affect health, but also the environment. But then what to choose?

4. Equip yourself with essential oils of lavender, mint...

Research has long since shown that certain essential oils are a real lifesaver when it comes to potential mosquito bites and similar insects. They have a repellent effect , which means that their usually intoxicating smell prevents attacks on the surface of your skin before they even occur. Such a powerful property is hidden, for example, in the essential oils of lavender, mint, cajeputa, and even lemongrass.



However, due to the topical application on the skin, and the effect itself, it is very important to find the ideal ratio of essential oils to the base oil . Often it can be more than a challenging task. Fortunately, on drugstore shelves you can find optimally formulated repellents such as Olival Natural Defense sprays for adults as well as for children. They contain as many as 5 highly effective essential oils that protect against stings and nourish the skin, and they do not contain parabens, silicones, artificial dyes or added fragrances. Due to the packaging in the form of a spray, they are easily applied to the skin, quickly absorbed and do not leave traces.

5. Increase your intake of B vitamins (and garlic)

Although they are often very individual, experiences mostly show that even minor adjustments in the selection of foods can help you protect yourself from summer "flyers". Just some of them are garlic, vinegar, grapefruit, tomatoes, beer and peppers . Since you can hardly go wrong with a B vitamin supplement, you should definitely consider this type of food supplement, which will come in handy for skin and hair care, as well as protection against mosquitoes and insects.

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