GUIDE: How to organize a magical bachelorette party

VODIČ: Kako organizirati čarobnu djevojačku večer

Organizing a bachelorette party is an ideal opportunity to show your best friend how well you know her, but more importantly – to show how much you care about her. You are here to help the bride, and we are here to facilitate your organization. We have collected EVERYTHING you need to think about in one place. Trust us, organizing a magical bachelorette party can be a lot of fun!

Communicate openly with the bride

The first thing you want to do is talk to the bride about her expectations. Even if you've known her for a long time and think you already know everything she could want for her bachelorette party! During the conversation, you may find out some of her hidden wishes that will help you in further organization or determining the topic. At this stage, you should also find out if the bride wants the whole theme of the party to be a surprise , or if she would like to participate in designing the theme itself. Keep in mind, she is already organizing her wedding and maybe she wants to leave the organization of the bachelorette party entirely to you, her godmother.

Determine the date and make a tentative list of guests

The ideal date falls on a day when most of the bride's close friends can come. At this point, it's time to contact them all, ideally within the group, and set a date proposal. Then everyone probably already knows the date of the wedding, so it would be good to organize the bachelorette party two weeks before . Thus, the already stressful weekend before the wedding would be left for rest and preparation for the big day, as well as the last organizational adjustments regarding the wedding. If you have a very narrow circle of friends with the bride at this stage, you may be able to roughly compile a list yourself. And remember, it is important that everyone is there and that the atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful, adjust the budget! In the first wave of list compilation, it is important to find out who would really like to participate and to whom the proposed date is suitable.

Define the budget

Think about how much money you are willing to spend on your own for your best friend's bachelorette party. If it is a larger amount, planning may be easier from the financial side, but you will definitely have to invest more time organizationally. If you plan to ask the other guests for part of the money, which is a common practice at most bachelorette parties, determine what that amount would be and whether you can really ask for it. It is definitely the bride's day, but keep in mind that maybe not everyone is as close to the bride as you are, so they don't have or don't plan to allocate a large amount in their budget. Collect it as soon as possible to include it in your calculation. If you have successfully found out from the bride who she wants at her bachelorette party, it is up to you to adapt and organize it so that all the bride's close people are present.

Find a place and a topic

You have determined your budget and now you can start thinking about which location for holding a bachelorette party would be appropriate for that amount. Maybe you already had a topic in mind during the initial conversation with the bride, but the most important thing here is to think about the amount and how you can best use it. If it's a weekend party at a house with a pool, dinner at a restaurant or maybe a casual get-together with wine, try to adapt the theme to the location. Let's take for example the most common form of girls' party – a weekend get-together in a house with a swimming pool.

Topics can be very broad and specially adapted to the bride's interests. The topic can be in the direction of her favorite series, such as the Euphoria series, or a book from her youth that she simply adores, such as Harry Potter. The only important thing is that it is a topic that will please her the most! With a more feminine theme, or if you just decide on a fashion spectacle from the evening, we suggest creating a Glow&Go corner where all the guests will be able to shine during the evening. We subjectively believe that glitter is absolutely necessary during any bachelorette party, but it is also important that the theme is clear and that the dress code, if there is one, is already determined at this stage.

Organize and coordinate

This is where things get complicated because you'll probably have to contact and research what's available on the date you've set. You may have to make some concessions, but think about the fact that the most important thing is that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Stressing too much in these situations doesn't help much. If you can't do everything yourself, ask another friend of the bride for additional help. It's only important that you don't look at too many different opinions, listen to yourself and your instincts. The organization needs a firm hand and making the right decisions. This part is easier if you started the organization in advance and managed to agree on the desired date with everyone. Once you've confirmed the location of the party, depending on what theme you've chosen, it's time to get all the decorations and put together the digital invitations.

Send official but digital invitations

This is always a good idea so that the group you are sending messages to has all the specific information in one place. In this way, you can advise everyone to save the invitation so that they can have it at any time. On it, state the date and time of the event, as well as the location . There are various pages where you can edit and customize them yourself. Be creative and match the theme of the entire bachelorette party with the invitation. He asks everyone to confirm their arrival once again.

Choose a gift for the bride

You have made a shopping list, the guests have confirmed their arrival and all that remains is to organize the transport, if the bachelorette party is taking place out of town. Confirm everything once more, repeat all the information they need to know, and now that everything else is done, you can start thinking about the gift. If you know her very well and at the same time know that she is a lover of skincare , and you are familiar with her skin type, feel free to contact us so that we can personalize her routine and adapt it in the best possible way. With a larger gift, you can always add one of our Magic Sets . Scented body milk or nourishing dry oil will certainly be needed during the preparation for the Big Day.
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