With second-hand clothes, you can build style more easily and protect the environment

Uz second hand odjeću lakše gradiš stil i čuvaš okoliš

Mia Uzelac is one of the more famous Tik Toker in Croatia, and she has given a completely fresh perspective to the somewhat established content on this network that does not include fast fashion and the fear of missing out on the latest street collections. Through her videos, Mia inspires us and teaches us how to find interesting and often unique pieces of clothing for little money, but also how to breathe new life into them.

Many people got to know you on Tik Tok through your content in which you promote sustainable fashion, but also through practical examples you show how to dress decently for quite a bit of money. How did all this come about?

I think it all started with entering the first second hand store. Until then, my life, like everyone else's, was based on already existing clothing stores, mostly large chains that mostly resemble each other in their offerings. When I saw what all second-hand clothing stores had to offer, I fell in love . In such a store, you can build your own style more easily and for less money, and along the way you also protect the environment.

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What does sustainability mean to you, in fashion and in life in general?

For me, sustainability is any refrain from having a bad impact on the environment. These do not have to be big or daily steps, but it is important that they exist. If you decide to mend torn socks or taper pants that are too wide instead of buying new ones, you are already helping. Walking instead of going by car whenever the opportunity presents itself is also a small but important detail of sustainability in my life.

Do you think that second-hand clothes are still a kind of specter in our society? What do you want to say to those who have not yet tried to find such clothes?

Second-hand stores are still a ghost in our country because people are simply not used to finding great clothes there, while in the world it has already become a practice. Large chains are definitely safer because the styles are already determined in them, while in second hand you build your own style. Second-hand stores may lack glamor and white neon lights in the booths, but you can find unique (and even designer) pieces in them. In them, you will stand out from the crowd of people dressed the same. I don't know where those urban myths come from that these are pieces from the closet of the deceased, or that such clothes are dirty and smelly, but I can tell you that none of that is true.

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You often shorten, narrow, modify, add patterns and textures to your clothes. Where do you find inspiration for fashion experiments?

Ever since I was a child, I have loved fashion and making clothes. I have always modified and carved something - first for my barbies and later for myself. In the clothes I buy, I often see the potential to become something else. Sometimes the vision is created in my head, and sometimes I find inspiration on the Internet or in Vogue. I see a designer piece of clothing and decide to recreate it from things I have at home. To your liking, of course!

Despite the hot summer temperatures, we want to be ready for a sustainable autumn-winter season. What trends can you point out to us, what will be worn?

I think the combination of cowboy boots and jorts (jean shorts) will be a hit this fall. Sleeveless sweaters are becoming more and more popular, especially over a pure white oversized shirt. And the autumn classic will return - loafers with white socks.

If Olival were a person, what would you wear? :)

In my opinion, Olival is a reliable and motivated person who knows what he wants. He likes classic pieces in a slightly different way. Therefore, I think Valentino would be the most suitable designer for her, and I see her in an oversized black dress with a white collar. 

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