Discover the properties of semi-precious stones and find your favorite

Otkrij osobine poludragog kamenja i pronađi svog favorita

Historically, precious and semi-precious stones have always played a significant role in different cultures around the world, and their uses have been truly diverse. A few years ago, beauty tools made of various stones such as rose quartz, amethyst and others are increasingly popular in Croatia and the region, and for those who are interested in the specifics and symbolism behind each of them, we bring interesting details.

Rose quartz brings confidence

The appearance of this semi-precious stone goes back to a long time ago, as it was used as an ornament in various jewelry, but also as a talisman. For the Egyptians, quartz played an important role in everyday life, and its soft pink color became a symbol of love – for others, but also for one's own skin. They believed that quartz stops aging, and according to numerous legends, the goddess Isis used rose quartz to prevent the effects of aging, remove wrinkles from the face and thus maintain a youthful appearance forever.

Rose quartz is a stone of heart and love that restores self-confidence, and serves to stimulate beauty, tenderness and fidelity in relationships and friendships. Beliefs say that it helps to overcome shyness, and when communicating with people, it is believed to contribute to patience and understanding.

The gua sha stone has been a favorite massager on the Asian continent since ancient China, and although it has become popular in our country relatively recently, we are sure that it already complements many skincare routines. It can be used when massaging the serum, but also on its own, and we recommend using it, if not every night, then before important events. It gently cools the face and neck area, and can also be used on the décolletage area.

Rose quartz

Classy amethyst is a symbol of change

Distinctive purple in color, this gemstone spreads soothing energy and ensures tranquility. In the past, it was a symbol of nobility, so it is not surprising that it is associated with refinement, special charm and elegance. Many rulers were mesmerized by the effect of amethyst, so they wore it in crowns and added it to medallions. Amethyst is essentially a type of quartz, but more precious and valued.

It improves the mood and has a beneficial effect on the psyche, and included in skincare rituals allows for additional relaxation and a light facial massage. When massaging the serum, it additionally helps to balance thoughts and drive away worries. It is a great reward at the end of the working day because it reduces stress and helps fight insomnia.

Just a five-minute facial massage with a roller or gua sha stone made of amethyst promotes better circulation and a healthier complexion, and with longer use they strengthen skin tone.

Deep action of the mysterious obsidian

The elegant black color and mysterious name of this semi-precious stone rightly arouses everyone's curiosity. Obsidian is actually a volcanic glass that is formed by the rapid cooling of lava, and its color can vary from black to gray. It is precisely in him that the true "I" of each person can be found. By choosing obsidian, you choose to know yourself with all the virtues, but also the flaws. And finally, it enables self-acceptance, of yourself and your skin.

Throughout history, its uses were diverse, so it served as a tool, a weapon, and it was also used to make vessels, jewelry, but perhaps the most interesting of all – magic balls and magic mirrors. In modern times, it is also used to make surgical materials.

According to legend, obsidian also has the name "Tears of the Apache", and represents the symbolism of American Indian women's grief and mourning for their sons, spouses and fathers who died while escaping from captivity. According to legend, the stone has the ability to protect people from negative emotions and bad energy. Likewise, this "stone of truth" allows us to see the bigger picture, it moves us to action and making the right decisions.

With the black obsidian roller you are ready for a challenging day or a fun night! The thicker end of the roller is textured to facilitate a deep massage to better relax and prepare for all planned endeavors.

Green jade roller

Jade calms and harmonizes mind and body

The dark green color of this semi-precious stone captivates at first, and precisely because of its striking color, it was also appreciated in jewelry making. It is extremely popular in Asian culture, and is often part of the feng-shui furnishing of living spaces. The Chinese associate it with these five virtues: courage, justice, decency, modesty and bravery. Their belief included burial with jade as they believed it protected them. This is a stone with the help of which inner balance and harmony of mind and body is achieved.

Massage with a jade roller relaxes the muscles of the face and is therefore an excellent preparation for undisturbed sleep. Its symbolism is manifested in the joy of small things and daily rituals of care. In addition, it is good to cool the jade beforehand in order to revitalize the skin of the face and stimulate circulation.

It is always advisable to wash all the mentioned beauty gadgets under lukewarm water in order to clean them and prepare them for further use.

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