Choose your ideal office plant (according to space and availability of light)

Odaberi svoju idealnu uredsku biljku (prema prostoru i dostupnosti svjetla)

We believe that among you there are those who like to decorate their office desks with plants and decorative objects. It is generally known that flowers increase the desire for productivity, encourage creativity, and enable better concentration and memory. That's why we bring you a list of plants that will refresh your space and make it more pleasant to work in, as well as relax and cheer you up every day.

Easy to maintain, and delicate and romantic in appearance - kalanchoa

This plant was created for spaces with dry air, so if you have that kind of air in your business premises, this plant will suit it perfectly. You can find it in a wide range of colors, and this succulent with flowers will enjoy lighted spaces, but not in direct sunlight. Since it stores water in its fleshy leaves, this plant does not need to be watered often, but only when the soil is completely dry, approximately once every two weeks.

The flower of honesty and resolving misunderstandings - indoor cyclamen

This is a plant that will surely remind you of spring, and it suits low temperatures and blooms in winter, while it is dormant in summer. It does not like very heated spaces and you should avoid placing it near radiators or other sources of heat. It is watered once every two weeks, and you should avoid pouring water on the leaves. It is better to add water at room temperature to the bottom of its container in the saucer of the jar. Just as it doesn't like very heated spaces, it doesn't like direct sunlight either, so it will fit best on office desks in open space areas. It shows the first signs of dormancy with dried and yellow flowers, and during this period it does not require too much care and is not watered for two to three months in order to prepare for the new growing season and please you again with its flowers during the colder period of the year.

Another favorite – the African violet

They like a lot of light and are best placed on windowsills, so if you have an office full of light, this is the ideal office plant for you. It is also watered with lukewarm water, and as with indoor cyclamen, it is best to put the water in a saucer. While it is in bloom, it needs less water than usual, and the soil must not be too wet at any time. It cannot grow too much and is therefore ideal for smaller office spaces because it does not require a lot of space. If you take good care of it, it will bloom all year round, and you can choose flowers in various colors. Once a week, it is recommended to turn it for a quarter of a circle in order for it to grow properly. The violet is the "flower of modesty" that symbolizes fidelity and love.

Elegant and undemanding – aloe vera

This very simple plant practically takes care of itself. It needs very little water, and if one of its leaves dries up and remains in the jar, it will provide it with the necessary food. This is a plant that you really won't have to think about, and it does best when it's not in direct light. Aloe vera is also known for its use in various cosmetic products, and we believe that it will definitely lift your mood and brighten up your table, even if you are not known as a person with a "green finger".

Brings money and prosperity - krasula!

It is a very resistant plant with fleshy leaves and with minimal care it can last a very long time. It is an excellent choice for those who love plants, but do not like taking care of them or do not have good conditions for them. This plant can tolerate both cold and hot air, but does not like direct sunlight. In winter, it is enough to water it once every three weeks. In addition, this plant takes root very easily, so it is no problem to produce small plants and thus surprise a colleague.

Golden creeper thrives everywhere

If you are among those who only keep a laptop on their desk and avoid unnecessary excess paper and pens, or perhaps have a high desk, then the golden creeper will fit in perfectly with you. It is also known as devil's ivy and is considered to bring good luck, but it is not recommended to keep it near children or pets due to the poisonous leaves. This climber with heart-shaped leaves will surely win you over with its appearance, but also with its ease of maintenance. It can grow up to three meters and therefore it is necessary to provide it with enough space to grow. It likes its leaves to be sprayed, but it should not be watered too often.

A few additional tips for decorating your office desk

We hope that by reading you have already noticed a plant that suits you perfectly and that will quickly fit into your workplace, and we will additionally advise you to adapt the jar to it. It's always good to think about more neutral colors that match each plant, but you can also take into account the interior design of the entire company and thus additionally think about which jar would fit best into your workspace, especially in the case of an open plan. It is always good to equip the table with a couple of chemical and colorful notebooks or a large planner for the whole week, and we always have hand cream on the table. It's easy to forget about hand care during the day, but such small rituals, such as anointing our hands and watering the plants, make our working days more fulfilling and our lives more beautiful.

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