Mija Dropuljić: Hiking is an excellent way to reset and disconnect from the modern world

Mija Dropuljić: Planinarenje je izvrstan način za resetiranje i isključivanje iz modernog svijeta

While I used to spend my summers lying on the beach, in recent years I prefer an active holiday in the hills, far from the crowds, under the pleasant canopy of centuries-old forests. I fell in love with hiking a little over four years ago and since then I use every free moment to get away from the hustle and bustle. This also applies to the summer, which I mostly spend at higher altitudes.

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It has a positive effect on fitness, but also on the psyche

Hiking has numerous advantages, both physical and psychological, and is definitely an activity that is becoming more and more popular. And for a reason.

If we look only from the physical side, hiking is an activity that has a positive effect on fitness, muscles, and is known for the fact that it burns a lot of calories. Unlike, for example, training in the field, during your stay in the hills you will often not even be aware of how much effort you have made. Except when you look behind you and realize how far you've come. But it feels extremely good. ;)

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Hiking is a great way to reset and disconnect from the modern world. With regard to digital connectivity, this is getting harder and harder for us. But when you find yourself in the hills and in the forest, there is often no good signal, and since you have to direct your focus on safe steps, the path and markings, you won't think of hanging on your cell phone.

It brings the focus back to the present

This outdoor activity brings the focus back to the present moment. Thinking about the past and the future is a disease of our modern times, which hiking cures. Namely, in order for your excursion to go according to plan and completely safely, you should focus all your attention on the present moment.

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Hiking is proven to be an excellent anti-stress therapy. In addition to turning us off and returning focus to the moment we are in, nature has the power to heal stress, cleanse the mind and body. On top of all that, hiking is a great cure for insomnia. Namely, after passing a more challenging path, you will sleep happy, satisfied and tired that night with the sleep of the righteous. Do you need another reason to go hiking?

Suggestions for easy hiking trips for beginners

Now that I've piqued your curiosity, here are some suggestions for easy hiking trails that are made for beginner hikers.

On Medvednica there is a path that leads over 500 stone steps . They were built between 1946 and 1953 by mountaineer, publicist, photographer and journalist Vladimir Horvat. It was after him that the Horvat steps were named. Many believe that Horvat's stairs are the most beautiful man-made excursion facility on Medvednica. Beginners access this trail from the Hunjka meadow, and the length of the trail is about three kilometers. The Medvednica cave as well as the Srnec picnic area, which was created for a longer lunch break, await you there.

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A walk around Lake Lokvar is a great one-day trip that, in addition to several hours of walking, offers refreshment in the form of swimming in the famous Goran lake . The trail is about 15 kilometers long in total, but to begin with you can only go through one part of it and return to the starting point.

Kamačnik Canyon in Gorski Kotar is a favorite destination, and this easy trail is designed for beginners . The trail is about seven kilometers long in total, for which you need about three hours of walking.

Grof's instructive circular path in Jankovac na Papuk is ideal for the whole family . It offers a handful of attractions and you will have the feeling that you have stepped deep into a forest adventure. Soft green meadows, two artificial lakes, a spring, two caves and the 30-meter high Skakavac waterfall await you on the trail. The trail is only two and a half kilometers long and can be completed in about an hour and a half.

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Slavonia hides another great trip that will delight all lovers of history and old ancient fortresses. On Krndija near the Orahovački lake, a two-kilometer long trail begins and the old town of Ružica, the exploration of which represents a true return to the past .

Author of text and photos: Mija Dropuljić ( Under Dreamskies )

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