5 relaxation techniques that will successfully calm your mind

5 tehnika opuštanja kojima ćeš uspješno smiriti um

In the moments when it is most difficult to relax and when your thoughts are "running" 100 times an hour, set aside time for yourself and try relaxation techniques that will help you slow down, express yourself creatively, go for a walk, take a bath or simply breathe. Relaxation techniques have an extremely beneficial effect on the whole body, not only on the mind. They can stabilize heart rate, reduce blood pressure and fatigue, improve digestion, help focus and improve mood.

Relaxation techniques

Start breathing

Although it sounds simple, there are detailed mechanisms of guidance through the so-called autogenic training. It is a relaxation procedure in which attention is focused on the body and sensations such as breathing and the flow of air through the nose. Their regular repetition has a beneficial effect on mental health and reducing feelings of anxiety. In order to see the real results of these exercises, it is necessary to perform them daily for a period of three to six months. With the breathing exercise, you focus your attention on the flow of air in your nose, if it wanders, calmly and without anger you bring it back by naming what is distracting you and then repeating: This is not important to me now. I return my attention to the flow of air in my nose.

Fill your thoughts with relaxing visualizations

In my mind, exchange images of those moments that brought you the most peace. Maybe it's lying in the shade under a pine tree or on the beach, remembering the smell of the sea and its blue-blue color, the salty taste on the lips. Imagine the warm breeze that was flowing and try once again to relive your feelings of calmness at that time. Visualize the specific place where you feel the most peace. It can also be a memory from your childhood or from a trip, it's important to remember every little thing well that will help you relive the same place in your mind, and with it the feelings. After some time, when the visualization is complete and after you have taken time to enjoy it, get up and slowly walk away from the imagined place in your mind. You will always be able to return to it, and then slowly open your eyes.

Relaxation techniques 2

Express yourself creatively

Instead of relaxing in a sitting or lying position, many will prefer to choose a specific activity on which they can better direct their attention and focus. For them, relaxation through creative expression is an ideal substitute. If you know you like to paint, all you need is a soft paint brush, tempera or watercolors and painting canvas or thicker paper. You don't have to think in the direction of figurative painting, but rather choose the colors you like and try to imagine them as a flow of thoughts on paper. You can even close your eyes and let your hand go on the paper by itself, put the brush in colors at random and try to express the flow of thoughts on the paper. Afterwards you will have a real little masterpiece. Even if you don't like or think you won't be able to paint, you can still relax with creative expression. All you need is a coloring book and crayons. Coloring has been proven to have a positive effect on the amygdala, the center in the brain responsible for fear, because it induces the same state of mind as meditation and calms restless thoughts. 

Walking after a meal

Sometimes after a big meal we all want to lie down first, but it is much better for our health if we decided to go for a short 10-minute walk in a nearby park. Walking after a meal speeds up the metabolism, and at the same time lowers blood sugar levels and speeds up circulation. Walking also helps to moderate meal-induced glucose oscillations. Maintaining a stable blood sugar level is beneficial not only for the health of the body, but also for the health of the skin. As soon as the glycemic index is stabilized, inflammatory processes will occur less often, and it will have a favorable effect on reducing the appearance of irregularities.

Do a facial massage every day

Finally, a method that you probably practice every day also helps you to calm your flying thoughts and to concentrate and focus on the present, and that is skin care. During the week, it's a good idea to reward yourself with a relaxing bath, a detailed body exfoliation and a rich hydration of the facial skin. What we would definitely highly recommend is a daily gua sha massage with a stone or facial roller to relax the facial muscles and to forget about the stressful events of the day and completely relax. Daily facial massage will contribute to speeding up circulation, reduce puffiness and puffiness, and in the long run will help shape the contours of the face.

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