Introducing 100% mineral and hypoallergenic SPF for children

Predstavljamo 100% mineralni i hipoalergeni SPF za djecu

Keeping in mind the importance of healthy and safe exposure to the sun, we designed the Sun Mineral KIDS collection of products to protect children's and sensitive skin. The mineral non-nano filters on which the collection is based provide reliable and effective physical protection, and the hypoallergenic and waterproof formulation is enriched with natural oils that nourish and protect.

Sun Mineral KIDS provides mineral protection using two key ingredients - zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These are mineral filters of natural origin, the effect of which is well known and recognized (zinc oxide has been used for the care of diaper rash since ancient times!). Their use in cosmetics for sun protection is encouraged precisely because mineral filters are highly tolerable on the skin, do not cause irritation and provide complete UVA and UVB protection . The myth is that, unlike organic filters, mineral filters remain on the surface of the skin, reflect and disperse UV radiation, thus creating a kind of physical barrier against harmful solar radiation. Namely, both types of filters work by protecting the skin by absorbing UV radiation and turning it into heat. [1]

Hypoallergenic mineral protection for the most delicate skin

The latest collection of products is ideal for protecting children over 2 years old, teenagers, but also adults who increasingly have hypersensitive skin prone to irritation, eczema or neurodermatitis. Hypoallergenic and waterproof formulations do not contain added fragrances and colors. They are enriched with squalane, extra virgin olive oil, almond oil and cocoa butter that deeply care, prevent drying from wind and salt, and restore elasticity and natural softness to the skin.

Sun Mineral KIDS face cream SPF 50 , Sun Mineral KIDS suntan milk SPF 30 and Sun Mineral KIDS suntan milk SPF 50 come in practical tubes of 50 and 150 ml, respectively. They are quickly and easily applied, gradually absorbed and leave a pleasant feeling on the skin without long-lasting greasy white marks and stickiness.


[1] Cole, Curtis, Shyr, Thomas, Ou-Yang, Hao. Metal oxide sunscreens protect skin by absorption, not by reflection or scattering. Photodermatology, Photoimmunology & Photomedicine. 02 October 2015: 5-10. accessed 5/18/2020.

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