Microemulsion and Amino Gel for Professional double facial cleansing have arrived

Stigli su Mikroemulzija i Amino gel za Professional dvostruko čišćenje lica

After Professional sun protection formulated to be both effective and comfortable for everyday wear, it's time to respond to another need of all skin types in the Professional collection, which is thorough and non-drying cleansing. More specifically, double cleansing.

This is how Microemulsion and Amino Gel were created - two simple, light and gentle steps for daily skin cleansing that will bring freshness to your evening routine!

Microemulsion has the number 1 on it, which indicates the first step of facial cleansing. It is a light, airy, medium-density oil mostly based on caprylic triglycerides and enriched with squalane and hemp oil for care, as well as licorice extract and vitamin E for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

This oil gently dissolves and removes waterproof makeup and sun protection products. In contact with water, it emulsifies, turns into milk and very easily washes off completely, leaving the skin extremely delicate, soft and without a feeling of tightness or dryness. It can be used on all skin types and depending on the needs - it can suit dry or mature skin on its own, while mixed and oily skin will be the ideal foundation for the evening routine, along with washing with gel after removing make-up and SPF. Only your palms are enough for application!

Professional Microemulsion comes in packaging with a pump that makes the product easy to use - apply a few pumps of the pump to dry palms, gently massage it on a dry face for 20 seconds to a minute (depending on the strength of the makeup) and then wash it off.

Professional cleaners

Number 2 carries Professional Amino Gel, and thus represents the second part of the so-called DC methods or double cleanse techniques. It is a very moisturizing, light gel rich in moisturizers that extremely gently cleanses the skin of makeup residues and impurities and prepares it for further care. It is enriched with betaine, polyglutamic acid, allantoin, aloe vera and licorice extract, which together hydrate the skin, prevent drying and have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

Due to its gentle formulation, Amino Gel is primarily intended for the second step of facial cleansing, but it can also be used independently in case you do not wear makeup, SPF or multiple layers of products on your face or if you prefer to use only the gel in the DC method.

Like Microemulsion, the gel comes in packaging with a pump - a few pumps of the pump are squeezed onto moistened palms, massaged onto a damp face and washed off, followed by toner, serum, cream.

Both products do not contain added fragrances or dyes and are suitable for all skin types. They can become part of your morning and evening routine or, since the nature of each skin is individual, they can be very easily incorporated into the care routine according to specific needs. 

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