MOMMY cosmetics will beautify the period of pregnancy and after childbirth

MOMMY kozmetika uljepšat će razdoblje trudnoće i nakon poroda

As a cosmetic brand that has been creating natural cosmetics for 30 years, we wanted to offer a complete collection of skin care products for pregnant, lactating and postpartum mothers. That's how Olival MOMMY was born. The hypoallergenic, nourishing, incredibly gentle and reliable collection contains four new products for superior natural care during pregnancy and after childbirth.

MOMMY collection

Traditional nipple care means a lot

Avoiding rashes and sensitive skin is a priority for both the mother and the child, mainly to ensure uninterrupted breastfeeding without accompanying discomfort. MOMMY lanolin ointment stimulates the renewal of cracked nipples and protects dry and sensitive skin. It is safe and suitable for daily use during the period of breastfeeding, but also for the care of the sensitive skin of the nipples before and after childbirth. The minimalist formulation consists of only 3 reliable ingredients of 100% natural origin - classic lanolin, jojoba oil and vitamin E. The hypoallergenic formula is safe for babies, and the formula does not contain added preservatives, fragrances or dyes.

Pelvic massage prepares for childbirth, but also helps in recovery

Massage of the perineum is a somewhat neglected practice which, with the green light from the gynecologist, brings numerous benefits. In addition to the relaxation itself, the blend of high-quality natural oils, which is normally recommended to use, contributes to the preparation for an easier birth. MOMMY perineum massage oil  softens, nourishes and protects the skin. Long-term application with massage promotes elasticity and prepares the perineal area for the moment of childbirth and helps prevent or alleviate skin cracking or accompanying procedures. The minimalist, hypoallergenic formula is rich in ingredients of 100% natural origin such as oil of wheat germ, St. John's wort, jojoba, almond and vitamin E. The oil does not contain dyes or fragrances, and the formula is self-preserving and contains no added preservatives.

MOMMY stretch mark prevention oil

Stretch marks can be alleviated with proper care

During pregnancy, the body changes significantly and adapts to a new important task. Due to the expansion of the skin, it is extremely important to continuously replace both emollients and humectants, which means that care must be targeted and carefully selected. MOMMY stretch mark oil nourishes, softens and helps to stimulate the elasticity of the skin. The rich complex of high-value argan oil, wild rose fruit, avocado, macadamia, wheat germ oil, olive, jojoba, almond and vitamin E contributes to nourished, smoothed and soft skin with a healthy glow. The hypoallergenic formula contains ingredients of 100% natural origin, so the oil can also be used on other occasions when it is necessary to strengthen the elasticity of the skin, for example during puberty.

Milk provides an ideal ratio of lipids and moisture

MOMMY round belly milk also hydrates, nourishes and protects mothers from drying out. Gentle, pH-balanced formula with ingredients of 100% natural origin restores natural softness, shine and smoothness. The silky, moisturizing texture is rich in shea butter, wild rose and wheat germ oils, calendula extract, glycerin and vitamin E for luxurious care during pregnancy and after childbirth. The hypoallergenic formula contains no added dyes. It is suitable for daily use on all skin types, including very dry skin.

MOMMY Nourishing milk for skin care of pregnant women 
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