Explore Routeen for your first teenage skin care routine

Istraži Routeen za prvu rutinu njege tinejdžerske kože

Puberty brings the first significant changes to the skin, and it begins to require age-appropriate care. How do you know when it's time for the first routine? When the skin starts to get more oily, and there is more pronounced sweating. When pores become clogged, small pimples appear, but also comedones on the forehead and ultimately, acne. At that stage, a dermatologist's advice is needed, but in order to try to alleviate and prevent irregularities as much as possible, there is a daily routine. And that's exactly why Routeen was created.

Four products for key steps

It is already well known that good skin care consists of gentle cleansing, daily hydration, occasional targeted exfoliation and SPF. Routeen offers a set of basic products in the form of gel-cleanser, treatment serum against irregularities and two different creams for different needs and preferences .

Routeen reFRESH Gel Face Cleanser is a mild cleansing gel for all skin types that removes make-up, SPF and accumulated sebum. It foams and does not dry out the skin, but nourishes it with a wealth of ingredients such as ectoine to balance hydration levels, panthenol to stimulate renewal, wild blueberry extract for an astringent effect (optical narrowing of pores) and rooibos extract to soothe the skin . This gel has a pleasant fruity scent of fig and pomegranate.

And textures, and scent, and effects

After cleansing, a serum follows, namely Routeen reSTART BHA Face Serum with 2% salicylic acid, licorice extract and MSM. This minimalist treatment serum gives teenage skin exactly what it needs - helping to unclog pores and keep skin smooth and healthy-looking. It is suitable for mixed and oily skin prone to clogging of pores. The high percentage of salicylic acid regulates sebum secretion and keeps the visibility of pores "under control", MSM acts as a kind of support for the care of acne-prone skin, while extracts of licorice and witch hazel help to soften spots, soothe the skin and act on the optical narrowing of pores. It is important to note that the serum can be used depending on the needs of the skin - from several times a week to every evening, with plenty of hydration and SPF in the morning.

Hydration for the end - with Routeen deLIGHT Gel Face Cream and Routeen rePLUMP Silky Face Cream! Routeen deLIGHT Gel Face Cream is a light cream in the type of airy gel with a completely oil-free formulation. It is enriched with beta-glucan for deep hydration, panthenol to stimulate renewal, prickly pear cactus extracts against irregularities and green tea for an antioxidant effect. It is ideal for all skin types, especially mixed and oily skin that needs very light product textures, but also uncompromising hydration. Just like the gel, it will delight you with the fruity scent of fig and pomegranate.

Routeen rePLUMP Silky Face Cream is a more classic cream with a silky texture, but it differs from other creams in its composition of lower comedogenic potential, since it does not contain highly nutritious oils and butters. It contains niacinamide for sebum secretion balance and hydration, vitamin E for antioxidant effect and sweet orange and apple extracts for revitalization and moisturizing. It will appeal to all skin types, especially in case of dehydration. It has a pleasant orange scent.

It's never too late for the first routine

While waiting for the Routeen SPF, we definitely recommend the Professional Face Fluid SPF 50 for reliable protection in all situations. And no less important - although Routeen is designed for teenage skin, this collection can easily fit into slightly more "mature" routines. Vegan products with interesting textures, refreshing scents, enriched with valuable botanical extracts and reliable active ingredients are available in the Olival webshop and soon in all drugstores. 

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