Get a super tan with SUPER Tan self-tanning lotion and mousse

Do super tena uz SUPER Tan losion i pjenu za samotamnjenje

Do you want to get a tan overnight? Now you can! We present two new SUPER Tan self-tanning products that will help you get a bronze tan without sun exposure. You will notice the difference already the next morning, and you can repeat the application process until you get the desired color. Do we have your attention? All the details are below.

Dare to tan and shine

When do you feel the best in your own skin? If the answer is with sun-kissed skin and sea salt in your hair , we are here to make this possible! And that without exposure to the sun, with exceptional hydration and a light and fast-absorbing texture. All the above features are the new SUPER Tan Self-Tanning Lotion. Natural oils nourish the skin, while beta-carotene and walnut, carrot and cocoa tree extracts provide complete care. When smeared, it leaves an enticing scent that we know you'll love. This lotion will give you a shiny and bronze complexion, and the color will be completely uniform. Just don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly after application.


If you still like foamy textures, then SUPER Tan Self-Tanning Mousse with carrot extract and coconut scent is the right choice for you. This product will provide a gradual bronze tan, also without sun exposure and will not leave greasy marks on the skin. Before applying the foam, it is recommended to hydrate the skin with the usual body lotion , and before using both products it is necessary to exfoliate so that they adhere nicely to the skin. You can repeat the procedure until the desired effect.

Easy and simple to use

Prepare the skin by exfoliating the body, ideally 24 hours before using the lotion or foam. Then apply the self-tanning lotion or foam evenly from the feet to the hips, stomach, shoulders and neck. Pay special attention to the folds and areas of the ankles, knees and elbows. It is ideal to apply the lotion or foam half an hour before going to bed, so that it is well absorbed and to take care of light fabrics . It is best to take a shower in the morning, and later maintain a tanned look with skin care with lotion or body oil. 

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