Q&A: Fenugreek and Rosemary Lotion Against Hair Loss

Q&A: Piskavica i ružmarin losion protiv opadanja kose

If we can say that any cosmetic product in Croatia (and beyond) has become absolutely viral, that would be Fenugreek and Rosemary Lotion Against Hair Loss. This lotion has changed the hair care routine for the better for literally thousands and thousands of women and men and has sparked a development of similar products - which we welcome because the focus is finally being placed on scalp health. There are a lot of questions about this product and that's why we decided to collect them in one place and solve all possible doubts.

Can lotion change hair color?

Due to the characteristic effect of rosemary essential oil, especially in combination with fenugreek extract, it is possible that a change in hair color may be noticed as a result of applying the lotion. Whether it will happen or not depends on the hair itself - color, degree of porosity and damage, but also the frequency of use.

When using preparations based on rosemary and fenugreek in general (even at home), users reported both hair darkening and hair lightening, which is why the specific effect is not the same in each individual case. A change in shade (usually a darkening of the color) may or may not occur, and is more common on light and damaged hair. As a precaution, we have indicated the possibility of changing the color of the hair on the packaging of Fenugreek and Rosemary anti-hair loss lotion.

Can fenugreek lotion and fenugreek shampoo be combined?

Fenugreek and rosemary lotion against hair loss can be combined with all shampoos from the Olival range, including Fenugreek shampoo.

Does the lotion need to be diluted?

Fenugreek and rosemary lotion against hair loss is a complete final product with the original formulation and is ready to use.

Can I combine oil with lotion?

Lotion is a water-based product, and oil is simply oil - so both types of products cannot (nor should) be applied to the scalp at the same time. On the other hand, it is possible to combine products so that the lotion is applied to the scalp and the oil to the length of the hair. We recommend Amla Hair OilArgan macadamia Hair Oil or Avocado Hair Oil.

What is the difference between Rosemary Clove Oil and Fenugreek Rosemary Lotion against hair loss?

Both products are intended to reduce hair loss and stimulate growth. They can be combined (alternately) or the type of product can be chosen according to personal preferences.

Which shampoo to use after lotion?

The choice of shampoo depends on the needs of the scalp and the problem to be affected. For example, for lovers of natural shampoos with sensitive scalps, we can highlight the Natural Shampoo Sensitive, while for oily hair we recommend the Natural Shampoo Rosemary and Lemon. Olival's Burdock Shampoo is suitable for dry dandruff, and Castor Oil Shampoo for stimulating growth.

Can the lotion be left on overnight?

As a manufacturer, we emphasize the recommended method of use, which is to apply it immediately before washing your hair and leave it on for half an hour to a maximum of several hours, so that scalp irritation does not occur. So it's a matter of precaution. The decision to keep it overnight is of an individual nature and does not guarantee better or faster results compared to the recommended use. More information on how to use the lotion is available in the guide

Can the lotion be applied to washed hair?

In some cases where the scalp is "congested" with styling products, the absorption of the lotion may be reduced and in this case it is good to clean the scalp before application. On the other hand, after using the lotion, we recommend shampooing.

When will the results of applying the lotion be seen?

The results of using Fenugreek and Rosemary lotion Against Hair Loss are purely individual in nature and depend on a whole range of factors. Hair loss and hair growth are complex phenomena that depend on the complete state of the body inside and out. If after several months of using lotions and other efforts to reduce hair loss and stimulate growth this does not happen, we suggest consultation with a doctor and further professional treatment.

Can pregnant and lactating women use the lotion?

If there are no different guidelines from the doctor or obstacles of an individual nature, the lotion can be used during pregnancy. It is a product that is washed off the skin and is limited in contact with the skin. The lotion is also suitable for use during breastfeeding.

Can children use the lotion?

Due to the potent formulation rich in extract and essential oil, use on sensitive children's scalp is not recommended.

Where is the lotion available in Croatia and abroad?

Fenugreek and Rosemary Lotion Against Hair Loss in Croatia can currently be purchased at dm drogerie markt Hrvatska, Interspar, Konzum, KTC, NAMA, Trgovina Krk and in our webshop.

It is available in dm stores in Serbia and Montenegro. The lotion can be ordered online in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia , while for other countries it is available through our webshop and at partners in Slovakia and Germany. During the next period, it will be available in Romania, Montenegro and on Notino (in 24 countries). 

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