Promotion of Gender Equality and Female Entrepreneurship

As a company focused on long-term development in all fields, from designing new products to improving the production process itself, we at Olival are also developing a business culture based on equality.

We have been actively promoting gender equality since the very beginning 25 years ago. The company Olival was conceived and founded by an entrepreneur, M.Sc. pharm. Vlasta Pojatin. She started a small galenic production of cosmetics, following traditional pharmaceutical recipes, valuable cosmetology knowledge and love for natural, nutritious ingredients from the local and regional area.

A quarter of a century later, Olival's business is based on the same principles, with the leadership of director Marijan Pojatina, the support of the founder, Master Pojatina, and the work of the entire team.

Olival operates in a modern production facility in the western part of Zagreb, with the tendency of further growth and development in the future. Today, slightly less than 40 people work in production, packaging, shipping, quality control, development, procurement, sales and management, of which more than 50% are women.

In our business, it is women who most often encounter and deal with the responsibility and challenges of business every day, from finding and procuring the highest quality raw materials to the production of Olival cosmetics and production as a service for numerous companies and brands.

With the commitment and contribution of our employees, regardless of the positions they work in, our company has become a synonym for unique, natural and certified cosmetics of Croatian production, which we are proud of.