Lecture on the promotion of female entrepreneurship as part of the implementation of the EU project

As part of the implementation of the EU project " Digital and green transition in the cosmetic industry", a presentation related to female entrepreneurship was held in the company, which was prepared and presented by members of the project team. The aim of the presentation was to promote gender equality and the work of women in management positions.

According to research, the number of women in management positions is increasing year by year, but this number is still low compared to the number of men in leadership positions. Therefore, it is extremely important to actively promote equal opportunities and create an environment where the only criteria for progress is ability, work and results.

Since its inception, the Olival company has been working to promote gender equality and create a culture based on equality. For this reason, out of a total of six members of the project team, four are women, which is an important indicator of how much the company pays attention to gender equality and the promotion of equal opportunities.

As a conclusion of the presentation, the members stated that it is necessary to continuously work on raising awareness of the environment in order to eliminate prejudices and create a stimulating work environment where both men and women feel that advancement is the result of their work, knowledge, engagement and results.