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Face Cleansing

What is double cleansing and which products to use?

Double facial cleansing is a two-step cleansing that relates to the removal of makeup and larger (more visible) impurities, and then the cleansing of the rest of the makeup and smaller (eye invisible) impurities. 

Double cleansing is often also called the double cleanse or DC method. It is based on the principle of "similar to similar". Taking into account that UV filters and makeup are fat-soluble, in the first step, it is good to remove all layers from the face with a greasier product, and then wash the remnants with the help of a water-based product.

The choice of products depends on past habits, skin type and cosmetic preferences (natural, conventional). For the first step we recommend using Micellar Solution Immortelle, Micellar Solution 2in1 Immortelle, Nourishing Milk Immortelle or Professional Microemulsion, while Micellar Gel Immortelle, Micellar Foam Immortelle or Amino Gel are recommended for the second step of skincare.  

Why don't Micellar Gel Immortelle and Micellar Foam Immortelle, as well as Amino Gel, remove makeup completely?

As they are intended for the second step of skin cleansing, Micellar Gel, Micellar Foam and Amino Gel are not intended as products that will completely remove decorative cosmetics, especially when it comes to powder and waterproof mascara.

In this case, we recommend that you include double cleanse method in your routine.

Can Microemulsion be used on the eyes?

Microemulsion is formulated to be used on the entire face, including the eyes. It dissolves all make-up - powder, mascara, eyebrow pencil. It is used so that it is applied to a dry face with dry palms, massaged and washed off, without using pads.

Can only one product be used for cleaning?

Technically, it can, but it depends on your habits, the way you apply make-up, the strength of sebum secretion and the like.

For example, dry skin that does not wear make-up will only be suitable for washing with water in the morning and washing with Amino gel in the evening. Mixed skin that does not wear make-up sometimes only needs Microemulsion in the evening.

Please note that when using sun protection, due to adequate removal of SPF, deep cleansing is necessary and in this case the double cleanse method is the ideal choice.

Peels and Exfoliants

Can Immortelle peels and Professional exfoliants be combined?

For most skin types, such a combination would be overloading and potentially irritating, so we do not recommend parallel use in the same routine.

What is Microexfoliant and how does it work?

Microexfoliant is a face scrub of powder type which is "activated" with water. In contact with water, the exfoliating powder creates a thick, creamy deep exfoliating paste that removes dead skin cells, thoroughly cleanses it and prepares it for a skincare routine. 

Salicylic acid at a concentration of 1% brings exfoliating and prolonged properties to the skin.. It belongs to beta hydroxyl acid (BHA), and due to its proven positive effect on mixed, oily and reactive skin prone to irregularities in the form of enlarged pores, open and closed comedones, pimples and acne, it is very often used as an active substance in treatment cosmetics.

Salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory and comedolytic effects (prevents and relieves the appearance of comedones), deeply cleanses pores and prevents their blockage, regulates the secretion of sebum, removes dead skin cells, refreshes the complexion and gradually relieves the visibility of gradual spots and hyperpigmentation. On the other hand, mechanical exfoliation in Microexfoliant is carried out by natural, round and tender grains of castor wax. It is used up to 3 times a week, but this primarily depends on the type of skin, getting used to acids and the rest of the routine as well as other habits. For most skins, it will be enough to use it once or twice a week.

The product comes in practical packaging with a teaspoon that facilitates the dosage of the powder. 

Is it possible to use a Microexfoliant on a sensitive skin?

In users with more pronounced sensitive skin, it is recommended that Microexfoliant be applied only if such a treatment product is necessary, only once a week or less often, and that it is left on the skin slightly shorter than the recommended time.

In addition, in such a case, it is good to do a tolerability test on the forearm before use on the face (the reaction is monitored for 48 hours). The product should not be combined in the same routine with other cosmetics containing exfoliating acids and retinoids (retinol), and it is advisable to use it in evening care, with mandatory sun protection during the day.

In what cases is recommended to avoid using Microexfoliant?

Microexfoliant is used up to 3 times a week on all skin types, with the exception of more pronounced sensitive skin, skin prone to capillary changes, rosaceas and similar conditions. Most skins will be comfortable with usage of once or twice a week.

Upotreba Mikroeksfolijanta se ne preporučuje kod oštećene, iritirane i vidljivo upaljene kože s otvorenim ranicama te kod ljudi alergičnih na salicilnu kiselinu. Ne koristi se ni u trudnoći. Budući da se radi o formi pilirajućeg praha, važno je pažljivo rukovati proizvodom i izbjegavati udisanje praha.

Due to the action of salicylic acid, a slight burning sensation is possible, which is a sign of the active action of this substance. If the burning sensation intensifies and annealing occurs, the product should be rinsed immediately and further use discontinued.

Can Microexfoliant be used during the summer?

Assuming that it is a skin suitable for use of this type of product (undamaged, insensitive skin) and the use of a high protective factor, the Microexfoliant should also be used during the summer, always in the evening routine and with abundant hydration after exfoliation. 

Protection from the sun during the day is mandatory.

Can Microexfoliant cause the so-called purging phase?

The Microexfoliant contains 1% salicylic (BHA) acid which, as well as other acids (excluding hyaluronic) and retinoids, works by accelerating cellular change, which is why the purging phase is possible, especially in the skin otherwise prone to irregularities.

This phase is generally short-lived, transient in nature and it is not necessary that it will happen to each user of the product. 

The same is possible when using AHA PHA Exfoliating Toner, Vitamin Serum R² and RA.

Can Microexfoliant and Peeling Tonic AHA PHA be combined?

For most skin types, such a combination would be overloading and potentially irritating, so we do not recommend parallel use in the same routine.

In case of additional questions, we suggest that you contact us for an individual consultation.

My skin is red after the Peeling Tonic AHA PHA, is this normal?

In order for acids to be as effective as exfoliant, it is necessary that the products have an acidic pH. Applying such products can temporarily cause redness, but it should be withdrawn relatively quickly. Redness lasting several days, a feeling of strong burning and other similar phenomena are a sign of irritation and probable damage to the barrier (which usually occurs due to too frequent use or inadequate rest of the routine), as a result of which the product should be left out of it.

A reminder, exfoliating toner is applied exclusively on dry skin, usually up to three times a week in the evening, with the obligatory application of sunscreen products during the day. 

It is not recommended for highly sensitive or damaged skin, and parallel use with retinoids or other AHA and BHA acids (layering and combining in the same routine) is not recommended. AHA and PHA acids can be used during pregnancy and lactation, unless there are obstacles of an individual nature to this. 

How to use Peeling tonic AHA PHA?

Peeling tonic AHA PHA is used in the evening, and is applied directly with the palms of the hands on a clean and dry face. In this way, we prevent irritation by friction, but also preserve the product.

The tonic is followed by a neutral cream. The frequency of use is determined according to the needs of the skin. SPF is necessary when using this product.

Face Serums

Can Professional serums be combined?

Serumi se mogu kombinirati kroz dan, u jutarnjoj i večernjoj njezi lica, uz kremu nakon njih. Za nanošenje ujutro, a zbog fotoprotektivnog djelovanja idealan je Vitaminski serum C, Vitaminski serum B3 ili Hijaluron hidrator 4H uz SPF zaštitu, dok se navečer mogu koristiti Vitaminski serum R², Peptidni serum P ili Vitaminski serum RA.

Serums are not recommended to be used together at the same time (layered application), i.e. in the same routine of care due to potential irritation and/or loss of effect.

Mixed skin without shine: Vitamin Serum C (+ SPF) in the morning, Vitamin Serum R² in the evening

Mješovita i masna koža sklona nepravilnostima, crvenilu, aknama i znakovima starenja: Vitaminski serum C (+ SPF) ujutro, Vitaminski serum RA uvečer uz postupno uvođenje

Masna koža sklona jakom lučenju sebuma, aknama i mrljicama: Vitaminski serum B3 ujutro uz SPF, Vitaminska krema B3 uvečer

Dehydrated or dry skin with the first and visible signs of aging: Hyaluron Hydrator 4Am, Peptide Serum P In Evening

Skin prone to gradual acne stains: Vitamin serum C in the morning (+ SPF), Vitamin Serum RA in the evening

Dry skin with hyperpigmentation stains and fine lines: Vitamin Serum C in the morning (+ SPF), Peptide Serum P in the evening

Can Professional serums cause stickiness to the skin and feeling of tightening?

Due to the high percentage of hyaluronic acid in the composition, which attracts moisture, for a full and proper effect of hydration, the serum must be applied to a clean, well-moisturized face, for which Hidro tonic can be used.

The care should then be completed with a face cream according to the skin type. Hyaluronic acid, as well as aloe vera, can have a slightly sticky effect on the skin, which disappears a few minutes after applying the serum.

Serums containing hyaluronic acid are Hyaluron hydrator 4H, Peptide serum P, Vitamin serum C+, Vitamin serum R².

Should Professional products be used during pregnancy?

All products can be used during pregnancy, except Microexfoliant (salicylic acid) and Vitamin Serum R² and RA (retinoids).

Can Professional serums be used with Immortelle creams?

Technically, It can. On the other hand, in addition to Immortelle creams, we suggest using more neutral serums such as Hyaluron Hydrator 4H and Peptide Serum P.

Can I use Vitamin Serum C+ or Vitamin Emulsion C+ when I am exposed to the sun?

Products with vitamin C can absolutely be used when exposed to the sun, especially if they are paired with other antioxidants such as ferulic acid and vitamin E.

They act as antioxidants against external influences (primarily UV radiation) and complete the photoprotective effect of sun protection products. That's why we recommend using them in morning care with SPF.

Can the Hyperpigmentation Serum be used during summer?

Since it is not based on phototoxic and "heavier" active substances of synthetic origin, the serum can also be used during the summer, ideally in the evening routine.

Sunscreen cream is recommended as a prevention of the formation of new hyperpigmentation spots and for maintaining the effect of the serum.

What is the percentage of peptides in Peptide Serum P?

Peptide serum P contains the recommended percentage of Matrixyl 3000™ and Matrixyla sinthe'6™ of a total of 5%.

This is also the recommended concentration of these active substances by the raw material manufacturer.

Can Peptide Serum P be used on the eye area?

Since it does not contain potentially irritating ingredients, Peptide Serum P can also be applied to the eye area, with caution and avoiding contact with the eyes themselves. The same goes for Hyaluron Hydrator 4H.

We do not recommend applying serums such as Vitamin Emulsion C+, Vitamin Serum RA and Vitamin Serum B3 to the area around the eyes.

What is the percentage of retinol in Vitamin Serum R²?

Vitamin serum R² contains 0.1% retinol (retinil palmitate), which makes it highly tolerable on most skin types and ideal for starting care with this active substance.

Can Vitamin Serum R² be used during the summer?

Assuming that it is a skin suitable for the use of this type of product and the use of a high protective factor during the day, the serum could also be used during the summer, always in the evening routine and with a gradual introduction to reduce the possibility of irritation. 

Who is the Vitamin SERUM RA for?

There is no precise division, but indicatively the VITAMIN SERUM RA is intended for:

- skins accustomed to milder forms of retinoid, i.e. people who wish to cross to more specific skincare

- oily skins prone to blockage of pores, acne and pimples

- balanced skin with hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines

- thin, sun-damaged skin that needs regeneration (with very conservative introduction)

In case of doubt, it is best to contact us via social media or email for a personalized recommendation.

Who wouldn't you recommend Vitamin Serum RA?

The serum is not intended for extremely sensitive, damaged skin or skin prone to irritation, reactive skin, skin with chronic conditions, as well as for use during pregnancy.

What do I have to look out for while I'm using Vitamin Serum RA?

RA vitamin serum is not recommended to be used during pregnancy and immediately before planning a pregnancy.

Temporary redness and a slight burning sensation are possible, which is rare, temporary and transient (getting used to the retinoid in the routine). If it persists or worsens, discontinue use.

Full UVA and UVB protection from the sun with a high protection factor is mandatory all year round.

Along with RA Vitamin Serum, it is good to apply gentle cleansing with non-drying cleansing products such as Microemulsion and Amino gel, and possibly a neutral cream or oil that will lock moisture into the skin. SPF during the day is mandatory, for which we suggest Professional face fluid SPF 30 or face cream SPF 50.

I use acid, can I also have RA vitamin serum?

It is not recommended to use in parallel with acids (except hyaluronic acid) and other strong active substances or their concentrations (for example, vitamin C) in the same routine.

It is not recommended to apply it immediately after using Microexfoliant. As a precaution, at the beginning of serum use it is necessary to temporarily pause the use of acids even in more resistant skin, at least for a short period of time.

How to use VITAMIN RA serum correctly?

It is necessary to introduce the serum into the routine in the evening, on a clean dry face. An amount of 2 pomegranate seeds is applied to the entire face, avoiding the eye area, and then applying moisturizer and/or oil without other active substances (without vitamin C, other retinoids, AHA/BHA/PHA acids) upon absorption.

It is used twice to three times a week and monitors the condition of the skin, then gradually increases use depending on the needs. With resistant, accustomed skin can be used every night. More details about the use can be read here.

Can vitamin RA serum cause the so-called cleansing phase?

The serum contains 0.1% retinal (retinaldehyde) which, as well as other retinoids and BHA/AHA/PHA acids, works by accelerating cellular change, making the purging phase possible, especially in the skin otherwise prone to irregularities. This phase is generally short-lived, transient in nature and it is not necessary that it will happen to each user of the product.


In skins with a stronger appearance of closed comedones before the introduction of this type of product, it is good to do a mechanical cleaning, and start with this particular product after the skin heals.

Why don't you suggest applying Vitamin serum RA to the eye area?

We do not recommend use in the area around the eyes as the product is very strong and formulated primarily for facial skin that is much thicker and physiologically different from the skin around the eyes. Our recommendation is general (exceptions exist and some skins will tolerate application independently or with buffering),but by recommendation as a manufacturer we conscientiously want to prevent any unwanted irritations as we are aware of the concentration of active substances and the potency of this product.

Is retinal/retinaldehyde stabilized?

The reduction of retinaldehyde degradation was achieved through the use of molecular "carriers" (Cyclodextrin), synergistic antioxidant potential of astaxanthin and the use of opaque airless packaging.

It is not necessary to keep the product in the refrigerator, but it is necessary not to expose the serum to high temperature and direct sunlight.

What exactly is the difference between Vitamin Serum R² and RA?

These serums are distinguished by many details, most notably the form of retinoids and the concentration of the active substance, but also the rest of the formulation and the way of using and adjusting the routine. More details are available in the blog post.

Face cream

Were the formulations of creams from the Immortelle collection changing?

Although the entire Immortelle collection has been redesigned in terms of packaging, illustrations, colors and communication, the formulation and composition of the product, including the cream from the Immortelle collection, are the same from the beginning and have not changed. 

Why does the smell of Immortelle cream sometimes differ?

These are natural cosmetics certified by the independent NATRUE certificate for natural cosmetics, which confirms the top quality of ingredients and final products.

The creams do not contain added synthetic fragrance (perfume) and therefore do not mask the smell of the ingredients. Natural ingredients may differ from batch to batch, in smell, color and other characteristics, which does not affect the correctness or effectiveness of the product itself.

Does CC Natural Cream Immortelle has an SPF?

Our CC cream contains a protective factor of 12 that is independently not enough when staying outdoors for a long time and in the warmer part of the year. The factor is achieved using a mineral UV filter that is part of the pigment itself.

We suggest using a dedicated sun protection product.

From what age is it recommended to use face creams from the Imortelle Collection?

From the first use of skincare creams it's desirable to start out with cosmetics made with more natural composition. Face creams from the Immortelle Collection are NATRUE certified for natural cosmetics, formulated with exquisite natural ingredients, primarily essential oil of immortelle, but also with other nourishing oils and valuable herbal extracts. The best performance is achieved by regular, long-term use and combining with other products from the collection in the skincare routine during the day.

Can the creams from the Immortelle Collection be used in a case of an allergy?

Face creams from the Immortelle collection are not recommended to be used in case of hypersensitivity to essential oil and allergy to salicylic acid, which is in the composition in a milder percentage, which is part of the preservative system.

Does salicylic acid in Immortelle creams serve for exfoliation?

No, salicylic acid is one of the natural preservatives approved for use in certified cosmetics. It is part of the conservation system and is not a treatment percentage.

Are the creams from the Immortelle Collection comedogenic, do they cause pimples?

Due to the high content of nourishing oils such as almond, olive and apricot kernel oils, which can potentially prove to be comedogenic on certain skin types, the Extra Rich Cream is not recommended for use on skin prone to irregularities.

In this case, we suggest using the Regenerative cream with immortelle oil or the Mattifying fluid Smilje, which is ideal for oily skin with irregularities.

Which cream from the Immortelle Collection is recommended for combination skin?

For mixed skin type prone to irregularities Regenerative Cream Immortelle is ideal for skincare routine.

It is a hydrating emulsion that quickly absorbs into the skin, smoothes it, mattifies it and makes a good foundation for the application of decorative cosmetics.

Is it possible that the cream from the Green Coffee Collection causes redness?

Oil of green coffee, among other things, stimulates the blood flow of the skin, so after applying the cream it is possible a temporary appearance of redness. This phenomenon is a sign of the effect of oil as an active substance.

Can CC Natural Cream be used on oily skin?

The texture of the CC cream is lightweight and suitable for use on all skin types, including mixed skin.

Due to the slightly higher comedogenic potential of macadamia oil and the concentration contained in the composition, the use of CC creams is not recommended for skin prone to clogged pores and acne.

In order to achieve the mattified effect, the CC cream can be blotted with the powder.

Why doesn't the CC Natural Cream always have exactly the same shade?

At first glance, the shade of Olival CC Natural Cream can make the impression of a different color, which is possible primarily due to the use of natural oils in the composition.

At the moment when the cream is squeezed out of the pump can come to a different shade than the one previously used. However, since the formulation contains a standardized percentage of pigments, when applied to the face the cream adapts to the complexion.

Which Professional cream is best suited for oily skin?

Vitamin B3 cream with niacinamide, squalane and magnolia bark extract will suit oily skin best.

Oil booster

Is Golden Immortelle Oil recommended for mixed skin?

Since it contains a combination of nutritious oils of slightly higher comedogenic potential, such as olive and apricot seed oil, Golden Immortelle Oil is intended for the dry and delicate skin.

It is not recommended for skin with chronic conditions such as rosacea.

What's the Omega Elixir for?

Omega elixir is a nutritious oil intended for deep evening care of almost all skin types. It has a low viscosity and a light but nutritionally rich texture.

Based on a valuable complex of squalane from olive oil, avocado oil, chia seeds, blackberry seeds and evening primrose, Omega Elixir thoroughly moisturizes the skin, soothes it and restores its protective layer (hydrolipid barrier).


It prevents transepidermal moisture loss and acts reparationally and preventively against the effects of exposure to solar radiation and other external influences. Due to the natural properties of squalan in the form of a kinship of the natural fat of the skin itself, this oil is absorbed with exceptional ease, locks moisture into the skin and leaves it soft, elastic, nourished and protected.

The characteristic nut smell comes from the natural oils it contains, most notably chia seed oils and blackberry seeds.

What type of skin is the Omega Elixir for?

Since Omega Elixir is a complex of squalane derived from olive oil and nutritious avocado oils, chia seeds, blackberry seeds and evening primrose that correspond to each skin type in the selected percentages, it can be used on dry as well as mixed skin.

Use is not recommended exclusively for more pronounced reactive and stronger oily skin otherwise prone to comedones. More details on the topic of oil comedogenicity are available in our blog post.

Why is applying Omega elixir in a "layering" skincare routine recommended after the cream?

For certain skin types, the Omega Elixir will be sufficient on its own or with the serum. But the full potential of this oil is shown in combination with other products, especially serum and cream. Since the order of "layered" application is based on product textures, it is recommended to start with water and finish with oil textures.

This creates a protective layer that prevents from moisture loss and helps to exploit the full potential of active substances such as hyaluronic acid.

In doing so the important rule is "less is more"- it is enough to use only a few drops of serum, then the amount of cream in the size of a pea and then a few drops of oil. 

SPF Face Cream

How many niacinamides contain Professional Face Fluid SPF 30 and Face Cream SPF 50?

Since Professional facial fluid SPF 30 is primarily intended for protection against UV radiation and skin care and is not a treatment product based on niacinamide, it is a concentration that supports the hydration effect. These products can be used in addition to treatment products with a higher concentration of niacinamide.

Are Professional Face Fluid SPF 30 and SPF 50 Waterproof Face Cream?

Both products are somewhat waterproof, but due to the formulation in the direction of the daily SPF for year-round protection and care, they are not fully waterproof or communicated as such. You can also use them on the beach, with regular renewal of products in sufficient quantity every time you bathe, sweat or every 2 hours.

Can Professional SPFs be used with Vitamin C?

Professional serums contain ethylated ascorbic acid as a derivative of vitamin C, and it is suitable for combining with niacinamide.

How to protect the area above the lip?

In addition to the classic SPF, we suggest the introduction of Sun Stick Multiprotect SPF 50 to protect particularly sensitive areas that sweat a lot (nose, bridge of nose, edge of forehead).

Body care

How to use Magical Peeling Gel?

The Magical Peeling Gel should be squeezed out of the packaging into the palms, applied evenly to the skin and massaged. It has to be cleaned thoroughly and the skin has to be hydrated with Magical Milk for the body.

What kind of skin is the Magical Peeling Gel for?

The magic peeling gel is mostly intended for body skin that is sensitive and prone to dryness, but also for balanced, undemanding skin.

Since it contains only the beads of apricot kernel, it is especially suitable for skin that does not require a particularly abrasive body peeling.

Can Magical Dry Oil and Magical Golden Oil be used for facial care in the case of mixed skin type?

Because of concentrated combination of nutritious natural oils, some of which have higher comedogenic potential, the use of the Magical Dry Oil and the Magical Golden Oil is not recommended in case of skin prone to irregularities in the form of of clogged pores, pimples or acne.

These oils are ideal for body and hair care.

Does the Magical Peeling Gel contains microplastics?

The Magical peeling gel, as well as other pilings in the assortment, is formulated according to the requirements of "green chemistry". Does not contain plastic particles, does not adversely affect the wastewater and does not contaminates the environment.

What is the difference between a cream and a hand concentrate?

Hand creams with marigold extracts and lavender essential oil are intended for daily hand care, since they absorb very quickly and make the hands silky.

The hand concentrates are much thicker, slow-absorbing texture with a higher percentage of glycerin.

The concentrate excellently serves as an occlusive, locks the moisture into the skin and is ideal as a rich night care.

What's a foot stone made of?

The foot stone is completely natural stone obtained from pumice, a hollow rock of low weight that performs excellent exfoliation of the foot and easily removes dead thickened cells of the skin.

Intimate Care

What is the pH of the liquid soap for intimate care?

Liquid soaps for intimate care Active and Sensitive have a pH value of 4.5, specially adapted to the attention of intimate body parts. Soap has slightly acidic pH to prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria and fungi that are more difficult to develop in the acidous environment.

Soap acts preventively in periods when it is possible to distorts the bacterial flora of the intimate parts of the body - when taking antibiotics, during the special conditions and hormonal changes.

Can liquid soaps for intimate care be used by younger people?

Liquid soaps for intimate care are enriched with calendula, almond oil and specially adapted to the delicate mucous membranes of the intimate parts of the body, which may be used from the earliest teen age.

Certificates and Standards

What certificates and standards Olival Cosmetics have and what does it mean?

Olival's production process is based on iso standard 22716 which confirms good manufacturing practice. The production process itself is certified and IFS HPC certified.

This system achieves a number of business and operational advantages and benefits such as control over raw material suppliers and the quality of delivered raw materials, prevention of negative external influences of any kind on production process efficiency and product quality, production process control and traceability from raw material to each individual product. , but also continuous maintenance and improvement of competencies of all employees.

In addition, the segment of our products, namely deo creams, liquid hand soaps and a collection of facial care products with immortelle oil, since 2014 have been certified with a NATRUE certificate that is also the first certification of this type in Croatia. It is a certificate for which 75% of products in an individual line must comply with NATRUE norm. The general principles of this international certificate are based on the natural and organic origin of cosmetics.

Our production process is also certified by ECOCERT certification for natural and organic cosmetics.

Are Olival products tested on animals?

The entire range of our products has not been tested on animals. We have been proud to hold cruelty free status since our very beginnings, that is since 1994.

Do Olival products contain animal sourced ingredients?

More than 95% of our products are vegan in composition, i.e. they do not contain ingredients of animal origin. Only some of them are products from the Professional collection and collection #MALCI, and super carrot lip balm SPF 20 carries Vegan certification.

In the future, we will advocate and develop even more vegan formulations for our products. The entire range of Olival products of vegan composition can be searched under the "Collections". 

What makes natural cosmetics special?

Some of the main advantages of natural cosmetics are 100% natural ingredients mainly of plant origin that have not been tested on animals, long-term better impact on the skin and the whole organism, but also a positive, unencumbered effect on the environment.

The products are created without redundant packaging and microplastics, and are made on the principles of the so-called "green chemistry."

Is all your cosmetics 100% natural?

As Olival's story began almost 30 years ago, over the years our range has grown and changed step by step. Today, it contains more than 170 products. Our founder, Vlasta Pojatina mag.pharm., started with traditional recipes that were based on pharmaceutical knowledge and ingredients such as natural oils and extracts. As time passed, we came to new knowledge and trends. Our research and development team always does its best to recognize the key needs of customers, so today in our assortment we have older products that have been with us literally since the beginning and that have their loyal customers, as well as new products.

We produce exclusively natural cosmetics with the first NATRUE certificate in Croatia and the region (Smilje collection, natural liquid soaps, deo sticks), cosmetics based on natural ingredients (e.g. natural shampoos and conditioners, Rose collection, Green coffee collection) and conventional cosmetics that is based on potent active ingredients and high concentrations of them in innovative formulations (Professional).

With the breadth and variety of our assortment, we enable everyone to find something for themselves.


Do Olival products contain gluten?

Some of our products, such as Immortelle face creams, contain wheat seed oil. While processing this oil rids itself of gluten, as a result of which it is declared gluten-free. Hydrolyzed wheat protein, which we use in our natural shampoos and #KUPANAC and #RAŠČEŠLJANAC products also do not contain gluten.

In order to be sure of the recommendation of the individual product in people with celiac disease, please contact us directly with a specific inquiry in order to carry out the necessary checks. 

Do Olival cosmetics include parabens?

The entire assortment of Olival products does not contain parabens.

Do Olival cosmetics contain nickel?

Our products are laboratory tested, during which it is determined that they can contain traces of nickel, which is considered negligible, safe and completely harmless.

Where does Olival buy raw materials for its products?

We buy most of the raw materials in Croatia, since during all years of our business one of our goals was to support Croatian suppliers.

Raw materials that cannot be supplied in Croatia are purchased mainly in the countries of the region or other European countries.

Special Care

Are children and pregnant women allowed to use special care gels?

Due to the specific composition of certain gels containing menthol and camphor, they should not be used by children under 6 years of age and pregnant women.

Exceptions are Magnesium oil and Magnesium gel, which can be used by pregnant women.

Can Aloe Vera gel be applied to the face?

Aloe Vera gel can also be used on the skin of the face, but it is recommended to choose a dedicated cream for long-term care. 

How long can Comfrey Balm be applied?

It isn't recommended for continuous use longer than 14 days.

Comfrey Balm is also not suitable for use during pregnancy.

Can Calendula cream be used for facial care?

If it suits the skin, Calendula cream can be used for the care of the whole body.


Are natural hair shampoos really natural?

Natural Hair Shampoos Mint and Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon and Sensitive contain ingredients of natural origin. They are formulated without artificial odors and colors, do not contain parabens, silicones or alcohols, and instead of drying tensides contain Coco Glucoside and Sodium Coco Sulfate, gentler tensides and essential oils.

Due to their composition, they are also ideal for low-porous hair, on which the remnants of styling products are easily deposited, as well as for the scalp, which needs a gentle but effective shampoo.

What natural shampoo to use for daily hair washing?

Due to its mild, innocuous and non-irritating composition, natural Sensitive shampoo is ideal for washing your hair daily.

What natural shampoo to use for oily hair and prevent dandruff?

Natural Shampoo Rosemary and Lemon contains essential oils of rosemary and lemon that balance the scalp, stimulate circulation and regulate the secretion of fat on the scalp, which is why it is ideal for washing oily hair prone to dandruff of the scalp.

Should natural shampoos be used in case of allergy or hypersensitivity to essential oils?

In case of hypersensitivity or allergy, it is not recommended to use these shampoos.

Natural Shampoos contain natural essential oils such as lavender, rosemary and lemon oils. After prolonged use of common shampoos with drying tensides, a period of 'habituation' to different care is possible, but essential oils stimulate circulation in the long run and regulate the secretion of natural fat, and therefore scalp grease.

If there is irritation or damage to the skin of the scalp for which use is not recommended, it should be paused or stopped completely.

Which shampoo can be used for dry dandruff scalp?

The Burdock Shampoo that belongs to the treatment products of Olival Shampoos is ideal for washing and care of damaged, dry hair and scalp with dry dandruff. The long-term use soothes the skin, prevents the hair from perishing and falling out, and nourishes and nurtures hair ends. Ideally, it is used in conjunction with Burdock Oil.

Do treatment shampoos contain sulfates?

Instead of SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), treatment Burdock shampoo contains SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), a slightly milder form of surfactant that allows better foaming and cleaning.

Natural shampoos contain SCS(Sodium Coco Sulfate)and Plant-based Coco Glucosides that provide a milder foaming effect. The above shampoos represent a gentler and natural alternative to classic drugstore shampo

Hair oils and lotions

Can Avocado Oil be used on the face?

Since Avocado Oil has higher comedogenic potential, it is not recommended to apply to the skin of the face prone to occurrence of irregularities in the form of pimples and acne. It can be used for nourishing dry skin of the body and/or hair.

Can Almond Oil be used on the face?

Since Almond Oil has mild comedogenic potential, it is not recommended to apply to the skin of the face prone to irregularities in the form of pimples and acne. It can be used on the body, hands, cuticles and hair.

What is Walnut Oil used for?

Walnut Oil is especially good in hair care of darker shades, which restores gloss, fullness and elasticity. It can also be used as part of a hair pack and for dry and damaged hair ends.

How is Ricinus oil used?

Ricinus Oil is a nutritious oil of high viscosity, dense and rich. It nourishes the scalp, skin and lashes remarkably.

Due to a slightly thicker, more oily texture it is good to apply it as a hair mask wrap overnight or use it as a slightly longer hair treatment before washing. It can be applied to damp or dry hair or scalp.

Does the hair have to be wet before applying the oil?

Hair oils can be applied to damp or dry hair and scalp. In the event that the hair is "loaded" with styling products it will be harder to absorb the oil and therefore it is advisable to wash or rinse the hair.

What's a hair mask wrap?

"Pakung" is the name for the deep hair-wrap treatment for which the oils are ideal. It is carried out for half an hour onwards, and in low-porosity hair (which hardly absorbs the products) even during the night, when the oil is applied to damp or dry hair, and then the hair is protected by a towel or scarf. In the morning after washing the hair, it remains deeply nourished, firm, shiny and strong.

Can oils be combined?.

Oils can be combined, for example Argan and macadamia with Castor oil or Avocado oil with Coconut Castor oil.

Can Fenugreek and rosemary lotion be left on the scalp overnight?

We do not recommend keeping it longer than an hour or two.

Sun protection and accelerated tanning

Why must SPF be applied liberally?

In order to achieve the declared SPF, the product must be applied in an amount of 2 mg/cm2 of skin. Also, it is important to apply the protection evenly, as well as reapply every time you sweat, bathe or wipe with a towel.

Do SUPER Carrot products protect from the sun?

Although SUPER Carrot Jam also comes in variant with SPF 10, when exposed to the sun, it's necessary to protect the skin from the sun with sunscreen, then apply tanning jam, dry oil or golden oil.

Sunscreen should be reapplied after each bathing or towel wiping or every 2 hours, with the application of an adequate amount of sunscreen (about 2 mg per 1 cm2 of skin). 

Do SUPER Carot products stain clothes?

The nourishing oils of carrots and walnuts, which are nutritionally rich, naturally have darker color and can stain lighter clothing or bathing suits.

It is recommended to use it on the beach, and any stains should be washed with special products that are available in drugstores.

Why does mineral protection leave a white mark?

Products such as Sun Mineral KIDS contain 100% mineral UV filters in non-nano particles. Because of this, a visible white mark and gradual absorption of the product is possible.

Such a trace is useful in some cases, especially with children, since it gives us a sign of where the protection was applied, and at the same time provides a dose of resistance to sweat and water.


How long does the effect of Natural Defense mosquito spray lasts?

Depending on the skin and the external conditions in which the product is used, the effect of the repelent lasts for up to 2 hours, after which it must be reapplied.

Does the Natural Defense spray stain the clothes?

Because of the high percentage of essential oils in the composition that are the main active substance of this spray and despite being generally well absorbed into the skin, the repellent can leave stains on clothing. We recommend that you wait a few minutes before dressing and avoid spraying directly on your clothes.

Can Natural Defense KIDS spray be used to protect newborn babies?

Natural Defense KIDS Spray can be applied already in the early childhood, from the second year of life. Applied to the skin, it creates a natural barrier and protects the delicate baby skin. It does not contain parabens, silicones, artificial colors or fragrances.

Do Natural Defense protects from ticks?

In addition to mosquitoes, Natural Defense sprays provide moderate protection against ticks.

What is the difference between Natural Defense and PiQuit repellents?

Natural Defense repellents are 100% natural products expressed from base oil and essential oils. PiQuit repellents are conventional non-greasy products based on the active substance icaridin, which is obtained from natural piperine. Both collections are DEET free.