Certification to Increase Income and Export in the Cosmetics Industry

Name of the project: Through certification to increase income and export in the cosmetic industry

Brief description of the project: On January 12, 2019. the company Olival doo signed with the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investments, the Agreement on the allocation of grants for the purpose of implementing the project entitled "Certification to increase income and exports in the cosmetics industry", contract reference code KK . The implementation of the project was co-financed from the European Structural and Investment Funds in the financial period 2014-2020.

The implementation of this project will enable the introduction of the IFS HPC certificate, which will ensure product quality, compliance and safety. Certification will prove that the company's products do not pose a risk to the health of users and are safe for use. The traceability of the production process from the raw material to the final product will be achieved and the waste management system will be improved.

Project objectives: The objectives of the project are the acquisition and implementation of the IFS HPC certificate, adequate waste management in the company and the elimination of potentially unfavorable effects of the company's operations on the environment, and the increase of product quality through the control of the production process in all key stages, through the control of traceability from raw materials to individual products, as and through the supervision of suppliers of raw materials and the quality of supplied raw materials.

Expected results of the project:

  • obtaining and implementing the IFS HPC certificate
  • growth in sales revenue
  • growth in export income
  • the project was carried out in accordance with the given procedures
Total value of the project: HRK 202,058.75 (~ €26,817.80)

EU co-financing of the project: HRK 149,268.50 (~ €19,811.33)

Project implementation period: October 1, 2018 - August 1, 2019.

Contact person for more information: Marijan Pojatina, marijan@olival.hr , + 385 91 452 3757

More information at www.struktrunnifondovi.hr and https://struktrunnifondovi.hr/natjecaji/uvodenje-sustava-upravljanja-poslovnim-procesima-i-kvalitetom-iso-i-slicne-norme/