Our story

Olival is one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics in Croatia and beyond, with a tradition of almost 30 years. Our story began with old pharmaceutical recipes and natural ingredients, and today we combine our tradition with the latest knowledge and trends in modern cosmetology.

From galenic production to a large company

Already in 1994, the founder of Olival, mr. pharm. Vlasta Pojatina started a small galenic production on the ground floor of the family house and started making original cosmetic products according to traditional pharmaceutical formulations, guided by the wealth of natural raw materials .

Even today, we produce our cosmetics guided by the same passion and love in our modern production facility in the western part of Zagreb. The architectural solution creates an energy-efficient building with a minimal impact on the environment.

Vlasta Pojatina mr. pharm.

The entire Olival range includes more than 170 products for face, body and hair care. From the already well-known Smilje, Magic and Professional collections to natural shampoos and sun protection products, in our range you can find quality cosmetics for (literally) every skin type, purpose and need.

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Olival pogon

Quality confirmed by certificates

The production is in line with the regulations of the European Union and fully corresponds to the high standards for cosmetics. The products are certified according to the ISO 22716 standard , which guarantees the implementation of good manufacturing practices and guarantees high production quality, traceability and product health. We are also proud of the first NATRUE certificate in Croatia and the region, as well as the ECOCERT certificate, which confirms the quality of our production process.

Something for everyone

Through years, experience, the progress of the production process, the growth of the company and following the latest knowledge and possibilities in the development of cosmetic products, different collection concepts have been created. Today, the Olival range is divided into natural and conventional cosmetics . A wide range of products for face, body and hair care provides ease of selection and an adequate response to almost all demands and needs of today's consumers and the market, especially loyal customers of Olival.
Olival proizvodnja

Kolekcija Smilje

Natural with coverage

As part of our natural range, the Smilje collection stands out the most, which received the prestigious and independent NATRUE certificate for natural cosmetics in 2014. Natural liquid hand soaps and deo sticks are also certified, while natural formulations adorn natural shampoos and Natural Defense repellants.

NATRUE is an independent certification of the top quality of natural cosmetics issued by The International Natural and Organic Cosmetic Association based in Belgium.

We believe that caring for skin and hair care starts from new knowledge and learning that never ends. We are happy to share the latest knowledge, important information, details on routines, use and product combinations in our (and your) treasure trove of valuable knowledge.