The Immortelle collection "blossomed" in contemporary design

Kolekcija Smilje procvala u suvremenom dizajnu

Widely known creams, micellar solutions, cleansers and other Olival products for face and body care from the Smilje collection now come in a new, updated look.

The Smilje collection , which combines the most nutritious natural oils and valuable extracts into perhaps Olival's longest-lasting traditional pharmaceutical recipes, will now be easier to recognize by the unique, hand-drawn illustrations of immortelle flowers and the bright shade of the distinctive yellow color.

The new visual identity of individual products and sets introduces another, extremely important innovation for our users. This is an even better communication of the purpose of the products, their division according to skin types , the way of use and the scheduling of the care routine. In addition to the mentioned division and the names themselves - what is old, what is new - you will be able to choose products according to the active ingredients specially highlighted on each front of the packaging.

In order to promote the importance of double cleansing of the facial skin, the Smilje collection is designed through 4 basic levels of care. These are cleansing, washing, facial toning and face and body care.

Depending on the needs of the skin for cleaning, i.e. the decorative cosmetics used, from the Smilje collection you can choose the Smilje Micellar solution or the Smilje 2in1 Micellar solution, which, due to its two-phase formulation, is ideal for carefree removal of stronger make-up . For lovers of silkier, creamier textures, there is also the Smilje Nourishing Milk for cleansing without drying and tightening.

The second step of effective double cleansing is washing your face with the help of a product adapted to your skin type. The micellar gel Smilje is intended for mixed and oily skin, while the micellar foam is an excellent choice for dry and sensitive skin. The special feature of these formulations containing aloe vera is an extremely light and airy formulation that is easy to massage and wash off, and at the same time soothes the skin and does not affect the loss of much-needed moisture . With these cleansers, the face will not "squeak", but it will be very clean and bright.

You can do a slightly deeper and more detailed cleansing of the face with Smilja's Active peeling and Smilja's Nourishing peeling, and then it is good to tone the skin with Smilja's Refreshing tonic , which will restore its pH balance and prepare it for the serum - especially if it is based on hyaluronic acid, which "loves" a moist face .

The last, often crucial level is care, primarily for the well-known Smiljenica! Extra rich cream Smilje for dry and sensitive skin is recommended for night care, Extra moisturizing cream Smilje is suitable for all skin types and makes an excellent base for make-up, while Regenerative cream Smilje is intended for skin prone to irregularities such as comedones, pimples and acne. Golden Immortelle Oil , a complex of high-quality immortelle essential oil and apricot, jojoba, macadamia, argan, wild rose and calendula seed oils is a kind of "crown" of the collection. It completes the overall care and alleviates the appearance of premature aging of the skin.

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